Oral Histories

GLAMA has launched an oral history initiative and we welcome suggestions of interview candidates. As the interviews are collected, they may be posted here on the web site for users to access. Contact us to participate, to recommend someone, or to obtain more information about this endeavor.

What is an oral history? From the Oral History Association:

"Oral history refers both to a method of recording and preserving oral testimony and to the product of that process. It begins with an audio or video recording of a first person account made by an interviewer with an interviewee (also referred to as narrator), both of whom have the conscious intention of creating a permanent record to contribute to an understanding of the past. A verbal document, the oral history, results from this process and is preserved and made available in different forms to other users, researchers, and the public...

"Oral history is distinguished from other forms of interviews by its content and extent. Oral history interviews seek an in-depth account of personal experience and reflections, with sufficient time allowed for the narrators to give their story the fullness they desire. The content of oral history interviews is grounded in reflections on the past as opposed to commentary on purely contemporary events."