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Browse Gallery - People

Pride Picnics, 1988 & 1989
Steven R. Pierce Collection

"Wig Portrait Series" by artist Joseph Keehn
Ross Freese Collection

Kon Tiki & other shots, late 1980s/early 1990s
Buddy Taylor Scrapbook: GLAMA houses digital scans only; originals retained by owner


Browse Gallery - Bars

Bar Exteriors, 1987
Steven R. Pierce Collection

Bar Exteriors, 2012
LaBudde Special Collections (department-created collection)

Ads & Logos, 1950s-1990s
Various GLAMA Collections

Related Resources:
- Glossary of Kansas City's LGBT Bars
- Gay Guide to Kansas City, 1979


Browse Gallery - AIDS

AIDSWalk T-Shirts, 1988-2009
Mike Sugnet Collection: housed at Kansas City Museum

AIDS-related Ephemera
Various GLAMA Collections


Browse Gallery - Businesses & Organizations

Ads & Logos, 1950s-1990s
Various GLAMA Collections