Shelving Locations

Music/Media Library, Miller Nichols Library, Ground Floor

Music/Media Reference Desk
  • Books: Books about music and musicians are located here. Oversize books are shelved after the smaller books. Look for the f (folio) or q (quarto).
  • Reference: These materials are located next to the listening area on the Ground floor. Oversize materials are located at the beginning.
  • Scores: Printed music. Oversize Scores are at the very end of the Music Scores. Miniature Scores are located against the wall.
  • Periodicals: Music periodicals are in alphabetical order by title.
  • Reserves: Ask for these items at the Music/Media desk.
  • CDs, DVDs, and other nonprint items: Ask for these items at the Music/Media desk.
  • Not sure where to look? Ask for your item at the Music/Media Desk.

Marr Sound Archives, Miller Nichols Library, Ground Floor

Miller Nichols Library

The Marr Sound Archives is on the west side of the Ground floor. Items (both in the stacks and requested from the Robot) are available during Marr's open hours. Materials are used within the department, where listening stations are available.

Miller Nichols Library, First Floor

Miller Nichols Library service desk
  • Cafe Collection: Next to the Robot Café.
  • Circulation Desk: Ask for these items at the Service Desk.
  • Ready Reference: Located on wall shelves next to the Service Desk.
  • Reserve: Ask for this item at the Service Desk. Turn right as you leave the main stairs or elevator hall.
  • Robot: This item is stored in Robot, the Library’s automated storage system. To see this item, click on the "Pick up @ Miller Nichols" button in the MERLIN library catalog. You will be able to pick up this item at the Service Desk on the 1st floor.
  • Writing Resources Collection: The Writing Resources Collection is located in the Writing Studio area.
  • Not sure where to look? Ask for your item at the Service Desk.

Miller Nichols Library, Second Floor

Miller Nichols Library
  • UMKC Nichols Library Call numbers A-L and N-Z: Call numbers beginning with A start to the left as you leave the main stairs or elevator hall.
  • UMKC Nichols Library current journals: Current periodicals not housed in the robot are shelved according to call number along with books on the library’s second floor.

LaBudde Special Collections, Miller Nichols Library, Third Floor


The LaBudde Special Collections Department is located on the 3rd floor of Miller Nichols Library. Materials (both in the stacks and requested from the Robot) are available during the department’s open hours. A staff member will retrieve requested material for use in the department's Reading Room.

Miller Nichols Library, Fourth Floor

Pfeiffer Collection

The Pfeiffer Collection: The Pfeiffer Collection of books is located on the southeast side of the building.

Wolff Collection

The Wolff Collection: The Wolff Collection is located on the east side of the building.

Health Sciences Library

Health Sciences Library
  • UMKC Health Sciences Library: Books are located in the center of the library. They are arranged using the National Library of Medicine’s classification system.
  • UMKC Health Sciences Library Core Texts: These items are shelved with the rest of the books in the center of the library.
  • UMKC Health Sciences Library History: History of Medicine items are in the Gustave Eisemann Reading room, on the far south part of the Library. Ask a staff member for help.
  • UMKC Health Sciences Library Reserve: Course and clinical reserve items are found behind the Circulation Desk. Ask a staff member for help.
  • UMKC Medical School Media Center (UMKC Medical A/V): Some audio-video materials are located in the School of Medicine’s Medical Education Media Center (M2-C04A). To go to the Media Center, exit the library and go past the elevators on the left.
  • Other HSL locations: These items are located in the Miller Nichols Library. Please ask at the Miller Nichols Library First Floor Service Desk.
    • UMKC Health Sciences Library Microform and Microform N-B
    • UMKC Health Sciences Library Periodical
    • UMKC Health Sciences Library Theses

Other Locations

Miller Nichols Library
  • Diastole Center: This collection of Rubaiyatiana is housed in the Mary Clark and E. Grey Dimond Scholars' Center. Contact the Diastole business office for more information.
  • Government Documents Linda Hall Library: This item is stored at the Linda Hall Library, which is at 5109 Cherry Street.
  • Women's Center Library: The UMKC Women's Center is located on the 1st Floor of Haag Hall, which is at 52nd Street and Rockhill Road. Items must be checked out at the Women's Center.
  • UMKC Depository: The University of Missouri Libraries Depository is located in Columbia, Missouri. If you would like to use an item stored here, please request the item through the MERLIN library catalog.

Ask a librarian.

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