Purchase Request

  • The library purchases ebooks as opposed to print books whenever possible. 
  • The library does not buy textbooks for the sole purpose of serving as required course materials.
  • If you need materials solely for your own research, please use Interlibrary Loan.
  • To request a streaming video for your class, please use the streaming video request form.
How will this be used at UMKC? List specific courses if applicable.


  • Steve Alleman

    Steve Alleman All purchase requests (816) 235-1580 allemans@Umkc.edu

  • Nara Newcomer

    Nara Newcomer Arts & Humanities (816) 235-1679 newcomern@Umkc.edu

  • Marie Thompson

    Marie Thompson Science, Health Sciences & Engineering (816) 235-2063 thompsonmarie@umkc.edu

  • Fu Zhuo

    Fu Zhuo Social Sciences (816) 235-1541 zhuof@umkc.edu

  • Ask a librarian.

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