Proxy Account Policy

A proxy account allows an eligible library user (sponsor) to designate another eligible library user (proxy) to use certain library services on their behalf. Specifically, proxies can check out physical items (books, DVDs, etc.) that the sponsor places on hold or wishes to check out from the library. When a proxy checks items out, the items will be listed as checked out to the sponsor. This service is traditionally used by faculty members who wish to designate a student assistant as proxy, but other sponsor/proxy arrangements are possible.  

The sponsor who designates a proxy is responsible for ensuring that the sponsor account remains in good standing. The sponsor is responsible for all charges that may accrue on the account. 

Proxy accounts are reviewed annually and expire on June 30. Upon establishing a proxy, the sponsor may choose a year in which to expire the proxy arrangement, allowing a sponsor to keep a proxy for multiple years. The sponsor may request to cancel a proxy account at any time by emailing the Circulation Department.

Who is eligible to designate a proxy?

  • UMKC faculty and staff who are eligible for library services
  • UMKC students with qualifying circumstances:
    • Qualifying disability – must be registered with Student Disability Service
    • Extenuating medical, family, or household circumstances
    • Other circumstances reviewed on a case-by-case basis by the Head of Circulation Services

Who is eligible to serve as a proxy?

Any individual eligible for UMKC library privileges may be designated to serve as a proxy. This includes faculty (including emeriti), staff, and students of the university.  Members of the Guest Borrower Program  may also serve as proxies, but only for the duration of their 1-year membership. If a Guest Borrower renews their membership, the sponsor can designate the Guest Borrower as a proxy for another year. 

Proxy Service Details

  • By submitting a Proxy Account Application Form, the sponsor designates the proxy to pick up/check out materials at the library on behalf of the sponsor.  
  • A proxy cannot:
    • Access your online library accounts
    • Place requests for library materials on your behalf
    • As a reminder, for your own protection, members of the UMKC community should not share their SSO account password with anyone. 
  • Items placed on hold can be picked up at any UMKC Library location. When placing a hold online, the sponsor can choose a specific pickup location (Miller Nichols Library, Health Sciences Library, or Law Library). 
  • The sponsor shall receive all email notifications for materials picked up/checked out by the proxy. 

How many proxy accounts can be designated?

An eligible library user may have up to three  designated proxy accounts at a time. To establish a proxy account complete the Proxy Account Application Form (PDF) and submit it to Miller Nichols Library Circulation Services Department using the email listed on the form.

For questions about this policy, call (816) 235-1526 or email

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Streaming video request

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