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Proxy Account Policy

A proxy account allows an eligible library user to designate another person to use certain library services on his/her behalf. A proxy account is separate from the eligible library user's primary account. This service is traditionally used by faculty members who wish to designate a graduate assistant as proxy, but other eligible library users may qualify to designate a proxy.

The eligible library user who designates a proxy is responsible for ensuring that the proxy account remains in good standing. The eligible library user is responsible for all charges that may accrue on the proxy account.

Upon establishing a proxy account, the eligible library user may opt to automatically renew or cancel the account. Proxy accounts are reviewed for renewals and cancellations at the end of the summer term (around July 31st). The eligible library user may cancel a proxy account at any time by making a request to cancel in person and providing a photo ID to a library staff member at a service desk or by contacting Circulation Services.

Who is eligible to designate a proxy?

  • UMKC faculty and staff who are eligible for library services
  • Students with qualifying circumstances:
    • Qualifying disability - must be registered with Student Disability Service
    • Extenuating medical, family, or household circumstances
    • Other circumstances reviewed on a case-by-case basis by the Head of Circulation Services

Who is eligible to serve as a proxy?

Any individual may be designated to serve as a proxy. The individual does not need to be affiliated with UMKC in order to be a proxy.

Service Tiers

Eligible users may designate a proxy to:

  • Tier 1: Pick up materials at the library (no online account access)
  • Tier 2: Request items through the library catalog & pick up materials at the library
  • Tier 3: Request items through interlibrary loan, request items through the library catalog, and pick up materials at the library

Library Services not available to proxy accounts

  • Remote access to UMKC's online databases
    • Proxy account users who are current UMKC students or staff may use their own Single Sign-On (SSO) to gain remote access to UMKC's online databases
    • Non-affiliated proxy account users can gain access to UMKC's online databases by obtaining a temporary guest login at the Miller Nichols Library First Floor Service Desk
  • Access to the eligible library user's primary account

How many proxy accounts can be designated?

An eligible library user may have up to three (3) designated proxy accounts at a time.

 Please ask at the First Floor Service Desk or call (816) 235-1526 for additional information about this program.

To establish a proxy account complete the Proxy Account Application Form (PDF) and submit it to Miller Nichols Library Circulation Services Department using the e-mail listed on the form.