Miller Nichols Library Floor Noise Level Expectations

G Ground Floor: Quiet Conversation

  • Expect noise and normal conversation at entrance, Music/Media Desk, and hallway to stairs and elevator.
  • Limited noise and quiet group study are permitted behind the glass partition.

1 First Floor: Regular

  • Interactive study is permitted and expected.
  • Cell phone use is allowed, as long as conversations are kept at regular speaking voice.

2 Second Floor: Quiet Conversation

  • Limited noise and muted group study are permitted.
  • IS Computer Lab, per IS guidelines: “People working in study groups are asked to keep their voices down as much as possible. Cell phone conversations are not allowed.”

3 Third Floor: Quiet Conversation

  • Limited noise and quiet group study are permitted.

4 Fourth Floor: Silent

  • No conversation or group study, but typing on computers is permitted.
  • Cell phones should be silenced. Talking on cell phones is not permitted, but phones may be answered and taken off the floor.
  • Audio may be listened to with headphones, as long as it is inaudible to others.
For questions about this policy, call (816) 235-1531 or email

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Case dimensions: 5’ long x 30” wide x 9” high sitting atop 3’ legs

Glass exhibit table


The First Floor Gallery is located just inside the main entrance of the Miller Nichols Library.

Wall with exhibit content