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UMKC Library Building Access

Due to limitations resulting from the global COVID-19 pandemic, the Health Sciences Library and Miller Nichols Library have adjusted hours and guidelines for using library spaces. Enter the library through an entrance to the Miller Nichols Learning Center. The ground floor library entrance is not available. To use the ground floor entrance for accessibility reasons, call (816) 235-1675 when you arrive.

Health Sciences Library

Access to the Health Sciences Library requires access to the School of Medicine building by swipe card with a current UMKC ID.

  • UMKC users who are affiliated with Health Sciences District academic programs (Dentistry, Medicine, Nursing, Pharmacy, or B.A./M.D.) may automatically have School of Medicine building access.
  • If you are affiliated with UMKC and you do not already have building access through your academic program, you can request School of Medicine building access for the purposes of using the Health Sciences Library by completing this online form. On Saturday and Sunday, swipe card building access granted for use of the Health Sciences Library is active after 11 am when the library opens.

Call 816-235-1880 for assistance. For safety, do not let unknown people into the building.

Miller Nichols Library

A current UMKC ID is required to enter the building after 11 pm. If you do not have your UMKC ID card with you, you can easily look up your UMKC ID number in Pathway and type your number (followed by #) in the keypad at the building entrance. Call 816-235-1526 for assistance. For safety, do not let unknown people into the building.