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Students Vote Yes for a Library Fee

The UMKC student body voted "yes" to improve their Libraries, with 1,414 students voting and 72% voting in favor of the Library Fee in the student government election March 18-22, 2019.
The new student fee will go into effect for the fall 2019 semester. The Library Fee will always be used to pay for improvements to UMKC Libraries spaces, resources, and services that directly support student success.
Coming in Fall 2019
The immediate focus for the Library Fee revenue will be on longer library hours, ensuring that the Libraries can continue to offer existing services and resources, and making incremental space improvements. 

In fall 2019 both Miller Nichols Library and the Health Sciences Library will have longer hours funded by the Library Fee, and 24/7 research assistance will be available to all  UMKC students, everywhere with an expansion of the library's current online chat service. The costs for the longer hours include space enhancements and technology for safety and security (card swipe access to the buildings, door lock systems), hiring qualified staff members to work the later shift, more student worker positions, and contracting with an overnight library chat service to supplement the research assistance currently provided by UMKC librarians via chat.

  • $3/credit hour: UMKC students enrolled in courses for fall 2019 will pay $3 per credit hour, up to 12 credit hours. For example: a student enrolled in 6 hours would pay $18 in Library Fees in fall 2019; a student enrolled in 15 credit hours would only pay on their first 12 credit hours for a total of $36 in Library Fees.
  • Use of funds: Student representatives of the UMKC Student Government Association (SGA) started the library fee movement, sponsored the ballot referendum, and campaigned for the Library Fee. The Libraries will continue to work closely with SGA to hear student feedback, survey students about their library needs, and maintain transparent reporting about how Library Fee funds are being used to improve the Libraries for students.
  • Student Leadership: The library staff are supporting UMKC students in creating a Student Library Leadership Cabinet, which will be a committee with representation of all types of students from as many degree programs as possible. The Leadership group will provide meaningful feedback about the Libraries’ spaces, services, programs, and resources for students, represent the interests of their fellow students, and act as ambassadors for the Libraries on campus. Interested in joining the Leadership Cabinet in fall 2019? Contact Dani!

The UMKC Libraries of the Future 

The Library Fee will increase every two years until 2025 to pay for more dramatic library improvements, larger increases in library resource acquisitions, emerging technologies, and expert staff. The increases will occur in the fall of the 2021, 2023, and 2025, stopping at $10 per credit hour in 2025. See more detailed information about the incremental fee structure. The incremental increases in the fee structure ensure that UMKC students only pay for improvements at their Libraries that they will experience in their time at UMKC. Spacing out the fee levels will give the Libraries time to plan and build infrastructure for future changes without charging students for those improvements in advance, and to work closely with UMKC students to learn about their changing needs as education and technology evolve over time. Read more about possible future uses of Library Fee revenue in 2021 and beyond
Thank you for voting!
The UMKC Libraries join the UMKC Student Government Association in thanking students across campus for participating in the election, engaging with the campus decision-making process, and using their votes to invest in the Libraries. 

Have ideas for how the Libraries should use the fee to improve your student experience?

Submit a suggestion by clicking the Submit a Suggestion link at the bottom of the page. 

Posted: July 04, 2019