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2021 Staff Awards

UMKC Libraries is proud to share that the following Libraries staff members were recognized with UMKC Staff Awards!

UMKC Libraries Living the Values Award 

The Libraries honor Emily Reeb with this year's Living the Values Award. 

The Living the Values Award recognizes a staff employee who exemplifies excellence in one or more of the University’s key values: Learning, Diversity, Integrity, Accountability, Respect and Collaboration. Nominees must have shown extraordinary adoption of one or more of the key values in a work-related situation and each unit at UMKC has one person receive the award each year. 

The strength of Emily’s nomination rested on their commitment to all of the University’s key values, especially diversity, respect, and collaboration. Emily’s work on advocating for mental health with their colleagues and the students they supervise came up many times in nominations. One nominee talked about how Emily was often the first to volunteer during the difficult return to onsite operations, while another talked about the sense of belonging they foster with the students in Circulation. We concur with one nomination that said, “the library and university are lucky to have them and I consider myself to have won the lottery to get to work with them each and every day.”

Service Milestones  

Liz Johnson: 10 years
Linda J. Fox: 25 years
Linda L. Fox: 30 years

Supervisory Development Series Graduates 

Anne Allen
Libby Hanssen
Lindy Smith
Robin Sommer

Series on Leadership Essentials Program Graduates 

Libby Hanssen
Jon Hern
Myisha Sims
Paul Wagner

Recipients were honored at the 2021 Virtual Staff Awards Celebration on April 20, 2021 at 3:30pm. 

Posted: April 22, 2021