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Music Helps

Now through July 31, 2020


Music helps us rejoice, relax, grieve and heal...and yes, even while away hours when we are stuck at home. During this time, when so many of us waver between incessant worry and unnerving boredom, music helps us escape stasis and reconnect with the world.

Music also helps connect and bolster the mental health resources made available through UMKC and the University of Missouri System. With input from UMKC Counseling Services and UMKC Conservatory faculty, we've gathered resources to help you calm, connect, and thrive in these uncertain times, as well as learn more about the practice of music therapy in mental health.

Each image connects you with different resources available to UMKC students, faculty and staff. Click on the picture to learn more about the resource and follow the link. We'll also highlight resources on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Roos for Mental Health Conservatory Resources Online Diagram of human lungs Roo Can Do It! Naxos Playlists for Relaxation and Contemplation Tips for Working from Home Mind Over Matter Online Workshops Playing Healthy, Staying Healthy Series Yoga for Musicians Music Therapy and Mental Health 5 Music Therapy Techniques Music Therapy Handbook Deep Listening Band Therapy Merry Melancholy A sailboat at sea Illustration of a hammer and screwdriver Illustration of musical notes Introduction to Music Therapy Practice Symphony in F Major, Triumph and Peace Music Therapy Practice in Mental Health Listen, Learn, and Grow: Playtime Imagination A Victorian Sunday Guided Imagery and Music Rhythm to Recovery Diagram of human skeletal and muscular systems American Music Therapy Association Guided Mindful Practices Meredith Monk: Inner Voice Work with Care The Lives of Music Therapists Meditation in Movement
Mental Skills And Music Performance 
World Meditation The Ten-Minute Stretch Break 
When Music Goes Up in Flames Music Education Professors' Beliefs

Additional Resources to Help You Stay Safe and Informed

Posted: May 12, 2020