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Use the Libraries Safely this Fall

Building Access 

Miller Nichols Library is open to UMKC-affiliated users, including students, staff, faculty, users from other UM System schools, guest researchers, and researchers with appointments. Building entry does not require card swipe access. Enter the library through an entrance to the Miller Nichols Learning Center. The ground floor library entrance is not available. To use the ground floor entrance for accessibility reasons, call (816) 235-1675 when you arrive.

The Health Sciences Library is open to UMKC students, staff, faculty, and physicians with card swipe access to the School of Medicine Building. View hours for each location.

Guidelines for Using Library Spaces 

  1. Masks are required at all times
    • Masks are required in the library at all times and must cover your mouth and nose. This includes study rooms with the door closed.
    • You may remove your mask briefly while actively eating or drinking. You may not remove your mask for extended times while taking occasional bites or sips.
    • Bring a water bottle; water bottle filling stations are available, but drinking fountains are not.
    • Food and drink are allowed in the UMKC Libraries, except in the Archives and Special Collections areas.
  2. Single study only
    • One person per table. All seating, rooms, workstations, and other areas are for one person. UMKC policy does not allow exceptions for roommates or family members.
  3. Keep distance between yourself and others
    • Maintain 6 feet of distance from others at all times when in the library, whether you are standing or seated. Do not move furniture, including chairs.
    • Service desks in the Libraries have plexiglass barriers and spacing indicators.
  4. Choose your spot and stay there to do your work
    • Minimize your contact with surfaces by working at your chosen seat.
    • Wash your hands before and after using a library computer, or table and chair.
  5. Leave the furniture in place
    • Computer work stations and desks are arranged for 6-foot distancing between users.
  6. Follow posted instructions
    • Guidelines for different spaces and technology are posted right next to them so you will know what to do.
    • Restrooms and elevators on campus have instructional signs.

Policies are in accordance with UMKC policy

  • Not following these policies is a violation of the University of Missouri Standard of Conduct.
  • If you violate the policies while in the library you must leave the library for the day. You may return on a future day, so long as you follow the policies.
  • Your actions will be reported to the Director of Student Conduct and Civility, who will determine next steps for review and sanctions.

Archives and Special Collections

These library areas are open by appointment only. Make an appointment at least one day in advance, or request research assistance or digital copies of collection materials by emailing or calling:

Posted: August 07, 2020