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This February the UMKC Libraries are taking time to show library love to students, staff, and faculty, and offering reminders of the many reasons to love your library.

Academic libraries connect students, teachers, and researchers to information and resources, but they also offer an important community connection. Libraries are a place on campus where you can work and read in the company of others, or study in silence completely undisturbed (we take silent floor enforcement very seriously), find a helpful librarian, or meet with your students. Our community uses the library as a coffee shop, an alternative office space, a napping spot, a forum, and as a place to find a sense of belonging on campus. Everyone has their own reasons to love the library.

So, why does the library love you, our community of users? We appreciate that our library users are willing to share their stories with us. Every time a library staff member works with a student or researcher to locate resources or launch a research project we learn about the academic journey they are on. We work to support the learning, teaching, and research of everyone, so each success story for a UMKC student, staff, or faculty member is a story that the library celebrates as well. The library's staff is always here to help, and one of the most critical elements of providing library support is listening. This February we are listening extra hard to our community of users.

And finally, here are some specific reasons to love your library this month:

  • February 14 "Send a Friend Some Love" DIY card-making stations at Miller Nichols Library and the Health Sciences Library.
  • February 17 African American Read-In. 12:30-2pm, Miller Nichols Library. You are invited to one of the UMKC Libraries' most-loved annual events celebrating African American literature and literacy.
  • February 21, "A History of Medieval Chat Notation." 2-4pm, Miller Nichols Library. Guest lecture with Dr. Eugeen Liven d'Abelardo, featuring UMKC Libraries' Adair chantbook
  • February 28 Food Love with Liz: Grilled cheese sandwich cooking demonstration. Learn cooking basics to stay happy and healthy.
  • Pop-up book display: "Reasons to Love the Library"
  • <3 Random Acts of  Encouragement
  • ...and more!

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Posted: January 24, 2020

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