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Read Earth Democracy

Vandana Shiva

Join us this October in reading Dr. Vandana Shiva's work Earth Democracy: Justice, Sustainability, and Peace, UMKC's choice for our 2021 Social Justice Book! 

Dr. Shiva explores the issues she helped bring to international attention: genetic food engineering, culture theft, and natural resource privatization - uncovering their links to the rising tide of fundamentalism, violence against women, and planetary death. Global struggles on the streets and in homes and farms across the world have yielded a set of principles based on inclusion, nonviolence, reclaiming the commons, and freely sharing the earth’s resources. These ideals, which Dr. Shiva calls “Earth Democracy,” serve as an urgent call to peace and as the basis for a just and sustainable future.

Discuss the Book

On October 14 from noon - 1:30 pm the Libraries will host a virtual book discussion. Sign up here to join us

Attend the Lecture

Dr. Shiva will be giving a virtual lecture sponsored by the UMKC Division of Diversity and Inclusion October 7 at 6 pm. You can learn more about the lecture and register here.  

The Earth Democracy ebook is available for free to anyone with a UMKC username and password. Read it online or download it to the device of your choice using the button below!

Posted: September 29, 2021