Librarian Jen Salvo-Eaton Elected Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect for International Libraries Initiative

Jen Salvo-Eaton, Head of Resource Sharing and Graduate Student Services, recently accepted the role of Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect for The Rethinking Resource Sharing Initiative Steering Committee!


The Rethinking Resource Sharing Initiative is an international ad hoc group that strives to revolutionize the way libraries conduct resource sharing, particularly in the context of our ever-changing, ever-developing global internet. Jen is now one of seven core Steering Committee members tasked with setting the initiative direction, identifying financial and project needs for the initiative, and much more. The RRSI’s immediate plans are twofold: 1) to engage more libraries to meet best practices of a 21st century resource sharing world, and 2) to encourage innovation in resource sharing that anticipates future problems, offers viable solutions, and moves us all forward together.


“As an ILL practitioner for the past 10 years,” writes Jen, “I have seen the Rethinking Resource Sharing Initiative challenge libraries to meet and exceed best practices in order to move toward innovation. Hundreds of libraries worldwide have done this work, but there are still many more that haven’t engaged in it. The library resource sharing community understands that no one library can meet all of their users’ needs; we all have to work together to serve our constituents, and the more we do so, the better off we all are in the end. I’m looking forward to working with other members of the steering committee to rethink RRSI and chart a course ahead.”


Jen will act as Vice-Chair through June 2019, and assume her role as Steering Committee Chair beginning in July. Congratulations, Jen!

Posted: January 10, 2019

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