Meet Mary Henn, 2019 Starr Research Award Winner

Congratulations to Mary Henn, UMKC Masters student in Creative Writing and Media Arts, and winner of the 2019 Martha Jane Starr Library Research Award!

Henn has been awarded $1,000 to help complete her research project titled "Constructing a Schoolgirl's Experience: A 1926 American Scrapbook and Yearbook."

Her project compares the personal scrapbook of Dorothy Mary Headley, a junior high student in 1926, against her school's official yearbook from the same year. "When compared to the McKinley Junior High yearbook," Henn writes, "explication and analysis of Headley’s scrapbook reveal differences between the self-recording of a girl’s individual, colloquial history and institutionalized history."

Henn came across Headley's scrapbook during a visit to LaBudde Special Collections last semester. "I was drawn to Dorothy Mary Headley’s My Graduation Journal because of its breadth and detail, its age of nearly 100 years, and especially its production in an environment that existed within an integrated public school in early 20th century America. I was fascinated by how the text represents girlhood and girls’ literacy, and I knew I wanted to study the scrapbook’s situation at the intersection of gender identity, racial histories, and the broader landscape of 1920s America."

Way to go, Mary!

In 2016 The UMKC Libraries won a National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) Challenge Grant, which established a small endowment to grant one UMKC graduate student each year with an award for research using the LaBudde Special Collections for research in women and gender studies.

Posted: January 18, 2019

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