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Celebrating Graduating Student Workers

Adnan Syed

NAME: Adnan Syed

LIBRARY DEPARTMENT: Health Sciences Library, Student Assistant

MAJOR: Dentistry

FUTURE GOALS: To start practicing denistry.

Austin Engelhardt

NAME: Austin Engelhardt

LIBRARY DEPARTMENT: Marr Sound Archives, Student Assistant Audio Engineer

MAJOR: Music Composition

FUTURE GOALS: I hope to be able to compose music as my career and teach at the college level. This upcoming year I will be attending the New England Conservatory of Music to pursue my master’s degree in music composition. I am looking forward to taking the opportunity to make as much music as I can!

I am very happy to have been able to work at the Sound Archive during my time here at UMKC. I have met so many great people and found so much music and inspiration during my time here. I will miss it greatly but am excited to move onto the next step!

Casey Phillips

NAME: Casey Phillips

LIBRARY DEPARTMENT: Health Equity Fellow

MAJOR: Master's of Library and Information Science

FUTURE GOALS: I will start as a Librarian/Adjunct Faculty for Metropolitan Community College-Longview in June. My passions are equity, accessibility, and dissemination of information and resources. No matter where I work, I want to connect patrons, especially underserved communities, to quality resources and information.

Working for the UMKC Libraries gave me many opportunities to connect internally with people in the Libraries and with others across campus. I am especially proud of the work I was able to do regarding mental health and adding a collection on health equity. The experiences at UMKC Libraries have given me a great foundation to start my career as a librarian. I am ever grateful for that and for the people I worked with.

Ryan Greenway

NAME: Ryan Greenway

LIBRARY DEPARTMENT: Health Sciences Library, Student Assistant

MAJOR: Doctor of Dental Surgery

FUTURE GOALS: My current goal is to complete my training as an Oral Surgeon in Galveston, Texas over the next four years!

I loved the flexibility of the library work schedule that allowed me to focus on my studies!

Sarah Biegelsen

NAME: Sarah Biegelsen

LIBRARY DEPARTMENT: LaBudde Special Collections

MAJOR: History with an emphasis in Public History

FUTURE GOALS: I'm looking for a Public History position in either museums, archives, or libraries where I can flex my research and organizational skills.

Muni Kanaka Sri Shalini Chintam

NAME: Muni Kanaka Sri Shalini Chintam

LIBRARY DEPARTMENT: Circulation Services, Student Assistant

MAJOR: Computer Science

FUTURE GOALS: To do research in the field of neural network .

Ravi Krishna Teja Dachepalli

NAME: Ravi Krishna Teja Dachepalli

LIBRARY DEPARTMENT: Circulation Services, Student Assistant

MAJOR: Computer Science and Engineering

FUTURE GOALS: Entrepreneurship. 

Posted: May 15, 2022