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Scientific Micro Imaging

Now through December 19, 2019

Miller Nichols Library, 1st Floor

At the Stowers Institute, researchers train the lenses of their high-tech microscopes onto tiny organisms, tissues, and even individual cells, and capture the world that unfolds before them in stunning displays.

Although they blur the lines between art and science, these amazing images are not art for art’s sake. Instead, they provide Stowers scientists with valuable insights and important confirmation of structures that exist and processes that occur hidden from the naked eye.

But for many, they are simply beautiful art.

Explore the imaging of organisms, tissues, and even individual cells at the Scientific Micro Imaging exhibition on the first floor of the Miller Nichols Library. Free and open during library open hours.


A special thanks to our partners at the Stowers Institute for Medical Research and the UMKC School of Biological and Chemical Sciences for this exhibition.

Posted: August 12, 2019