A Life in a Year Part 3: Exposing our Environment

Now through August 02, 2019

Miller Nichols Library, Ground Floor | Link Gallery

Robert Barrett, a Kansas City based photographer, had a lifelong passion for his art which he turned into a prolific career. Throughout his life, he developed an extensive portfolio ranging from nature photography to celebrity portraits and everything in between.

A recent donation of his photographs to our library has given us access to more than 100,000 of his images. They are the lasting representation of Barrett's life and experiences, and a rich storehouse of our shared history and culture over the past four decades.

Beginning last fall, we embarked on a year-long retrospective of Barrett's work in three parts:

Part 1: Developing Kansas City (Fall 2018)
Part 2: Focusing on Faces (Spring 2019)
Part 3: Exposing our Environment (currently on display)

Exposing our Environment

From the depths of the Grand Canyon to the summit of Mount Denali, the rich and diverse landscape of the United States is undeniable. Most go their entire lives without seeing all of the natural wonders our country has to offer. 

But Bob had a knack for being unique. 

Frequent travels brought him face to face with this country’s natural beauty, and--luckily for us--his camera was always close by.

Posted: June 10, 2019

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