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Library Instruction

The Library is continuing to provide online information literacy instruction for classes this fall. We are ready and eager to provide instruction to your class via a Zoom session. If you are interested in having a librarian teach in your course, please complete the Instruction Request Form. Note that we request two weeks’ notice to plan a stellar session for you.

Besides instruction, we can support classes through a variety of methods:

  • Course Guides

    A course guide is designed to provide links to the resources your students will need for their course assignments. Subject specific research guides auto populate in your course under Library Resources on the course navigation.

  • Tutorials

    Brief online tutorials or videos can show the use of library tools, steps in the research process, or research skills and concepts. Librarians can create or share tutorials and videos for your class.

  • Research Consultations

    Your students can make appointments for help with research to assist them in developing a search strategy, choosing the best databases, locating both popular and peer-reviewed sources, and giving them search tips.

  • Research Essentials

    Research Essentials is an undergraduate information literacy instruction program that serves the General Education students of UMKC.

  • Embedded Librarian

    Canvas allows librarians to enroll in a course to guest teach at an instructor’s request.

What You Will Need

A successful information literacy instruction session depends upon several factors, including:

  • Sufficient time (at least two weeks) to schedule and prepare for the session.
  • A course-related assignment that requires library research.
  • A collaborative partnership between librarians and classroom faculty.
  • The attendance of all students, as well as the faculty member, at the session.

Additional Contact