Graduate Fellowships for Library & Information Science Students

The Public Services Division at Miller Nichols Library is delighted to offer a Fellowship to a current MLS graduate student. We seek a creative, curious, motivated individual who is new to librarianship and looks forward to developing a leading-edge skill set in academic librarianship, teaching, and e-learning. The Fellowship is situated in the main library at a mid-sized university in the heart of Kansas City’s vibrant, socially-conscious, entrepreneurial community and is a perfect place to accrue an impressive breadth and depth of experience for your resume. The Fellows will receive training for all job duties including teaching at the college level, instructional pedagogy, reference service, scholarly communications, and more. The Fellow will develop or be assigned to projects tailored to their individual goals within the Libraries’ innovative, university-wide information literacy program as well as other areas throughout the library. Our focus is on turning good Fellows into excellent librarians.

The Academic Library Fellow provides reference and instruction services and contributes to student engagement efforts. In addition, the Fellow will be expected to explore other areas of the library and profession through special projects. The Academic Library Fellowship provides mentoring in the areas of academic library operations, professional development, and career advising. This position reports to the Head of Teaching and Learning.

Position duties:

  • Reference Service
    • Provides reference service from the Miller Nichols Library service desk, on call desk and via remote service options, e.g. chat, text, email or phone.
  • Instruction
  • As a member of the Libraries’ Research Essentials Team, plans and teaches information literacy instruction sessions, primarily in classes for general education courses. Completes associated communication and class management tasks. Instruction meets the designated information literacy student learning outcomes for assigned classes.
  • Participates in the planning and implementation of the library’s involvement in the university’s general education curriculum.
  • Student Engagement
    • Works with the Outreach & Engagement Department to learn about engaging and communicating with students and the campus community, performing best practice research, and working with campus partners in support of student success.
    • Collaborates on projects such as: developing programs or services with student engagement goals, planning events, and creating content for the Libraries external communication channels and social media presence.
  • Projects
    • Completes assigned projects which may be related to developing instructional materials, managing online instructional content and technology, student outreach, collection development, research assignments, etc.
    • Develop projects in collaboration with departments across the University Libraries, as determined by the needs of the library and the interest of the candidate.
  • As appropriate:
  • Serves on a variety of University Libraries, UMKC, and UM System committees, working groups, or teams.
  • Pursues professional development and engages in professional service and/or research.

Minimum Qualifications

  • Because this is a pre-career developmental program designed for students in Library Science, you must be a current student in an ALA-accredited graduate degree program for Library and Information Science to apply. We encourage students to apply early in their degree programs.
  • Service-oriented; willingness to go above and beyond.
  • Good oral and written communication skills; highly comfortable with public speaking.
  • Thrives in a team environment.
  • Demonstrably high comfort level using computer and web applications; ability to quickly learn new software and programs.

Full Time/Part Time

  • Part-time
  • .375-.5 FTE (20 – 25 hours hours/week depending upon candidate’s availability)
  • Term appointment, renewable dependent upon performance for up to approximately one year post-graduation.
  • Scheduled hours will primarily fall between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. weekdays but also highly flexible.  The UMKC University Libraries support flexible work arrangements in keeping with the Flexible Work Arrangement Policy. Flexible work arrangements should support the mission, goals and functional role of the employee, department and university.


$15.30 per hour

Application Deadline

Priority will be given to applications received by November 25, 2022, however position will remain open until filled

Application Instructions

Application materials must be submitted online. Applicants must combine all application materials into one PDF and upload as a resume attachment. Application materials must include:

  • Personal letter of interest
  • Resume or curriculum vitae
  • List of LIS coursework completed
  • List of references

Limit document name to 50 characters. Maximum size limit is 11MB. Do not include special characters (e.g., /, &, %, etc.).

If you are experiencing technical problems, please call (800) 488-5288.


Equal Employment Opportunity

Equal Opportunity is and shall be provided for all employees and applicants for employment on the basis of their demonstrated ability and competence without unlawful discrimination on the basis of their race, color, national origin, ancestry, religion, sex, pregnancy, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, age, disability, protected veteran status, or any other status protected by applicable state or federal law. This policy shall not be interpreted in such a manner as to violate the legal rights of religious organizations or the recruiting rights of military organizations associated with the Armed Forces or the Department of Homeland Security of the United States of America. For more information, call the Vice Chancellor – Human Resources at 816-235-1621.

Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the duties and functions of this job. If you believe you may have difficulty performing any of the duties or functions of this job, please contact the Office of Affirmative Action at (816) 235-1323.


To read more about Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) please use the following links:

UMKC Statement on Diversity

Diversity, equity and inclusion are central to the UMKC mission as an urban-serving institution. Kansas City is a particularly diverse city, including African, African American, Asian, German, Irish, Italian, Latino, Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, Native American and Slavic communities. Such ethnic diversity, in addition to our thriving neighborhoods of the Westside, Northeast Kansas City and the Eastside, fosters creativity, connection and innovation, which is showcased across the region. Major attractions such as the Annual Ethnic Enrichment Festival, the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum, the Filipino Cultural Center, the American Jazz Museum, Guadalupe Centers and Mattie Rhodes and Kansas City Irish Fest are a small sample of the many ways our diverse city enriches us.  

For the reasons enumerated above, UMKC’s strategic plan prioritizes our commitment to multiculturalism, globalism, diversity and inclusion. The university’s values call upon its faculty, staff, students and community to position themselves as global citizens who seek out, embrace and celebrate the many benefits of diversity. UMKC received the Higher Education Excellence in Diversity (HEED) Award in 2019 in recognition of our continued commitment to equity and inclusion. Such commitment is demonstrated across teaching, service and research. We welcome applicants to share in our commitment to these core values and know that you will quickly understand the beauty of calling Kansas City your home.  

Please visit these pages to learn more about UMKC’s engagement in diversity, equity and inclusion.

Roos Advocate for Community Change 

The Division of Diversity and Inclusion 

Annual Report 

Multicultural Student Affairs


Since 2014, 100% of former Fellows and Graduate Students have obtained full-time, professional positions. 

Anthony Rogers, Fellow, 2019-2021
“The Academic Library Fellowship program was a place for me to learn and play. When I began, I was in the middle of my MLIS program and eager to apply what I was learning in ways that would be meaningful to both myself and an institution. The UMKC Libraries provided me space to engage with many facets of academic librarianship and exceeded all of my expectations for what I would be able to do so early in my career. Not only did I gain valuable experience providing reference and classroom instruction, my own career goals were also taken into consideration when developing project ideas around the Libraries. I discovered new areas of interest along the way, including curriculum development and assessment, and learned how to share my work through conference presentations and publication.

I also appreciate the continued support and guidance I received from wonderful colleagues both before and after finishing my degree, all of which made me more confident while applying for jobs. I accepted a full-time position at an academic library in Seattle, WA only a few months after graduating, and I feel that I would not have been as successful in dreaming big if I hadn’t been a Fellow. This is certainly a position I cannot recommend enough for MLIS students in Kansas City interested in academic libraries who want to learn, grow, and jumpstart their career as a young library professional!”

Nate Beyerink, Fellow, 2017-2018
“When I applied for the Fellowship, I knew that this opportunity would impact my future, but I underestimated all that I would learn from the experience. In short, the Fellowship was the most impactful part of both my education and career as a librarian. From day one, I felt welcome at UMKC’s University Libraries. There, I was encouraged to explore what interested me about librarianship, learn from the amazing library staff, and build my resume with real and practical experience.

Beyond these awesome benefits, I was also graced with wonderful mentors who provided the guidance, support, and freedom to try out new ideas and be creative. With the support and tools provided to me, I learned so much about the librarianship and my role within the profession. The Fellowship experience at UMKC is much more than a stepping stone for future jobs, it is the foundation to a successful career. Thanks to this experience, I was able to snag a great job before I even had my MLS. I would 100% recommend the Fellowship to anyone interested in a career in libraries!”

Addison Lucchi, Fellow, 2016-2017
“My experience serving as an Information Literacy Fellow with UMKC Libraries was overwhelmingly positive and beneficial to my career as a librarian. I am incredibly grateful for everything I learned during my time as a fellow – including the experience in teaching, learning about educational technologies, participating in instructional design projects, and collaborating closely with librarians and faculty. Particularly, the opportunity to teach so many information literacy classes as a part of such an innovative instruction program was incredibly valuable to me, especially as a paraprofessional. In addition, the mentorship and career coaching provided by Dani and Jess, and the amount of effort all colleagues put into the development and success of the fellows is invaluable. Because of my time as a fellow at UMKC Libraries, I was able to secure a position as a Reference & Instructional Librarian only a few months after graduating with my MLIS. I am so thankful for this program, and for all involved!”

Anna Dunson, Fellow, 2016-2017
This fellowship has shaken things up for me, definitely. It did just as I had hoped it would and know it will continue to do, expand the parameters of my comfort zone. The teaching experience alone is extraordinary, especially for a library-related fellowship (from what I hear). Apart from that, I have most benefited from merely getting acquainted with the workings of an academic library. We have truly been incorporated as staff/faculty, brought in on the full gamut of departmental meetings, even those concerning hiring practices. Having never before worked within an academic library, this intimate interaction has enlightened me to the dynamics at play within a university library system. I have never before been a part of an organization of this size or as pioneering. And, with the latter, comes a drive for imagination and innovation. It is this renewed sense of impact that I will take with me into my career, the intention of advancing, contributing to, and advocating for my profession, of wowing rather than simply maintaining the status quo.

Additionally, I have received these supportive comments from my library science program Department Head in reply to my supervised fieldwork reports:

  • “It sounds like the program you are in is really designed to make you into an academic librarian and that all your supervisors are completely committed to your success. It also sounds like you are learning a lot and figuring out how you need to work to best be successful. All of these are good learning experiences and learning is what you are there to do.”
  • “I am very impressed with the depth of learning your fellowship is providing. The immersion in instruction will certainly help you decide whether working in academic library public services is for you or not.”
  • “It sounds like you are in a wonderful environment designed to maximize your time spent at the institution.” 

Patricia Barra, Graduate Assistant & Fellow, 2015-2016
During my time as a graduate assistant, I learned everything I needed to be a successful librarian. I learned how to do assessment of collections, space, and student learning. I participated in research and in data driven decision making. I wasn’t just a spectator, but rather an active participant.  If I had to summarize my  time with as a graduate assistant for Dani and Jess, I would say I got real world experience most of my peers had to go without during library school.  I walked away confident in my abilities and with a stronger skill set as an academic librarian.

Abigail Broadbent, Graduate Assistant, 2015-2016
While I enjoyed my time at MU SISLT, nothing prepared me for a career in librarianship like my time as a GTA at UMKC with the Research Essentials team. It wasn’t just the skills I learned as an instructor and librarian, but also the confidence and the savvy to be a professional in the field. Jess and Dani are two of the greatest role models for what librarians should be, and having the opportunity to work with them is worth 5 years of library school. I was fortunate enough to earn a full-time position after leaving UMKC in the Kansas City area, and the connections I gained from that time have been invaluable. Not only Dani, Jess, and my fellow GTAs, but all of the library faculty and staff at Miller Nichols have been an incredible resource. As a GTA at Miller Nichols, I was treated like a respected peer, and that relationship continued into my professional career. You are working with students, doing instruction, reference, and research coaching, and really digging in to the nuts and bolts of course design, an opportunity that many GTA positions elsewhere would not afford you, and I think that gives you the chance to gain practical knowledge and confidence that you need after you graduate, when you’re trying to land that first big library gig. I feel extremely fortunate to have been given the chance to prove myself as a GTA at Miller Nichols, and I envy anyone who gets to work alongside such powerful, cutting-edge, inspiring librarians.

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Case dimensions: 5’ long x 30” wide x 9” high sitting atop 3’ legs

Glass exhibit table


The First Floor Gallery is located just inside the main entrance of the Miller Nichols Library.

Wall with exhibit content