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The search box in the center of the UMKC Libraries website now uses a different product to search across the Libraries' collections for articles, books, eBooks, reports, media, news, and more. The new product, Encore Suites, searches a similar set of materials and collections as the old one, but the way the results are presented looks quite different.

The search box is a good place to begin general research or to search for a particular item with citation information (e.g. typing in an article title to track it down in a journal). If you have a better idea of what you need or where to find it, go straight to the relevant discipline-specific database, to the list of eJournals, or to the library catalog for books, eBooks and media.


Watch the video to learn more about the new search bar.

Results List

Search results will be divided into the following tabs:

  • All - all search results
  • Books & Media - results from the library catalog (books, eBooks, media)
  • Articles & eResources - results from databases (articles, eBooks, reports, news)

For each tab, search results can be limited by subject, format, language, publication date, etc.

Results from the library catalog will include options to request the item or pick it up from Miller Nichols Library if the item is stored in the robot. Results in the Articles & eResources tab will include options to access the PDF and/or full text when it is available through the library. All results include options to save the item to a personal list, email a record of the item, or export the item to EndNote.

Logging in

The new tool may ask you to log in more often or at different times than the old tool. Use your UMKC Single Sign On username and password. This will typically be required when you are off campus. 


To find a formatted citation for an item that appears in your Articles & eResources search results, click the item title to go to the full information page for it. Then look in the toolbar for a Cite or Citation button or icon that shows formatted citations to copy and paste.

The toolbar next to each result has a button to "Save to EndNote." If you use another citation manager like Mendeley or Zotero, you will want to save items to your citation manager from the item page, by clicking through to the full text first and then finding a Save, Export, or Cite option. For example, instructions for saving citations to Zotero.

Full text button(s)Full text button example in Encore

For Articles & eResources, you may see PDF and/or full-text buttons next to a search result. The "PDF" one is the most reliable but you may need to try each one. If none return full-text, request it via Interlibrary Loan - we can often email you a PDF within 3 days.


Our old search tool included an option for creating a permanent link (otherwise known as a permalink, stable URL, or durable link) to materials. While the new search tool doesn't have the same feature, you can still link to items by finding the permanent link. For example, if you wanted to provide students access to an eBook, click through from your results list until you are viewing the eBook. This means you will need to navigate to the database or journal where the item lives and locate the permanent link given by resource provider. To locate permanent links and ensure off-campus access to items found in our search tool, see our Linking to Library Resources page.

Why the Switch?

The UMKC Libraries needed to save money following the university-wide budget cuts of the last few years, and changing from our old search product (Summon) to this one (Encore Suites) provides us with a significant budget savings. Encore Suites is a new product, and as the vendor makes updates and improvements we will make as many adjustments as possible to make it user friendly and to optimize the search results it returns.

Posted: July 18, 2018

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