Congrats Graduating Student Workers!

Congratulations to our student assistants graduating from UMKC this semester!

NAME: Makayla Booker

LIBRARY DEPARTMENT: Student Assistant in Library Circulation

MAJOR: Studio Art Major Film Studies Minor

FUTURE GOALS: To be a freelance photographer with my own Studio space and or also working at a magazine company. Living in New York with my cacti!!

NAME: Bryanna Beasley

LIBRARY DEPARTMENT: Music/Media Library, student monitor

MAJOR: Master of Music in Flute Performance and Musicology

FUTURE GOALS: I would like to have a career in music, either performing, teaching, researching, writing, or all of the above!

NAME: Elaina Finley

LIBRARY DEPARTMENT: Teaching and Learning Department, Academic Library Fellow

MAJOR: Master of Library and Information Science

FUTURE GOALS: I’m happy to be joining the Olathe Public Library’s programming team and hope to build experiences that really excite the community.

It has been a pleasure to work with such lovely and talented people in the Library!

NAME: Chun Ting (Marco) Chan

LIBRARY DEPARTMENT: Marr Sound Archives, Audio Engineer

MAJOR: Music Composition

FUTURE GOALS: I hope to teach music at college level and make great music as a composer, conductor, and educator! While my immediate plans are unsure, I will either pursue a Master’s degree in New York next semester or take a gap year then go back to college!

Having lived in Hong Kong for 18 years, coming to UMKC was initially difficult as I had to take care of everything on my own. I am very lucky to have met really nice friends who welcomed me to this big family, and I will definitely miss them as I embark my journey to my next destination! I especially miss the late night works pre-COVID where we stayed at the library or elsewhere at UMKC until the facilities close!

NAME: Giuseppe Gallo-Balma

LIBRARY DEPARTMENT: Student Assistant Monitor at the Music and Media Desk

MAJOR: Master in Music Composition

FUTURE GOALS: I hope to get a job related to music composition or graphic design (my other major).

I am going to be eternally grateful to the library for taking me in as a student assistant. This job did not only help me financially when I moved to Kansas City, but it also allowed me to meet a lot of wonderful people along the way. I am going to miss working at the Music and Media Desk.

NAME: Rebekah Green


MAJOR: Bachelor of Music, emphasis in French Horn

FUTURE GOALS: My dream job is to play in a professional orchestra. After graduation, I will continue to gig in the Kansas City area as I start to take orchestral auditions. My next destination is not set but I’m excited to see where music takes me!

I’m definitely going to miss my time at UMKC and particularly my job at the Miller Nichols Library. I have worked in the Marr Sound Archives for three years and my coworkers and supervisors are amazing. I loved my time here and I am grateful for the experience to have worked in the coolest department on campus.

NAME: Dillon Henry

LIBRARY DEPARTMENT: Digital Archives & Stewardship, Digital Curation Fellow

MAJOR: Master of Library & Information Science

FUTURE GOALS: I hope to get a job at an academic institution, working in the archives. Being a digital archivist would be nice, but I think I would be happy in any position that enabled me to work with special collections. My favorite thing about working in LaBudde has always been discovering new and interesting things, and sharing my discoveries with others.

I just want to express my thanks for the support I’ve received in my time here, and I feel like I’ve grown a lot as a result of the guidance and inspiration others have given me.

NAME: Coco Ndipagbor

LIBRARY DEPARTMENT: Social Media/Tech Student Liaison, University Libraries

MAJOR: Nursing

NAME: Anthony Rodgers

LIBRARY DEPARTMENT: Teaching & Learning Department, Academic Library Fellow

MAJOR: Master of Library and Information Science, emphasis in archives & records management

FUTURE GOALS: This May, I will begin as the Access Services Librarian at Cornish College of the Arts in Seattle, WA. Someday, I hope to work in schools and communities for outreach and engagement of archival materials.

Many years ago, I started as a student assistant in Music/Media and was thrilled to return to the Libraries as a Fellow. I’m grateful for all of the experiences I’ve gained through the Libraries, and I’m sorry to everyone that I have to take my cat, Slappy, with me.

NAME: Courtney Strimel

LIBRARY DEPARTMENT: Teaching and Learning Department Academic Library Fellow

MAJOR: Master of Library and Information Science

FUTURE GOALS: My areas of focus in graduate school were archival studies, information center management, and information tech. I would love to begin my career in an academic institution either as an archivist or as a librarian with a focus on research and assessment. Oh, and once this pandemic is over, my personal goal is to start traveling every chance I get!

Working for UMKC University Libraries has been an honor. The valuable experience I have gained throughout my Fellowship is absolutely beyond measure.

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