Patricia Huyett Collection Now Available

Patricia Huyett at desk

Photographs in the Patricia Huyett Collection are now available in the UMKC Digital Special Collections.

Patricia Huyett was a writer, poet, artist, and educator from Lenexa, KS. She was an alumnus of UMKC and taught English there as well. This digital collection reflects how much of a Renaissance woman Huyett was in her artistic and professional endeavors. Among the jewels of this collection are her personal journals, which range in emotions from whimsical to compelling. As she documents the experience of a young girl’s journey into womanhood, she freely expresses her most intimate thoughts, fears, and the hopes of who she is and what she wished to achieve on a daily basis, and ultimately in life. As one peruses the hundreds of pages of text throughout the collection, they are transported into a unique experience and provided an inkling of what life can hold when creativity and passion show no boundaries. Huyett pens her life’s lessons and cosmic imagination into the form of poetry, short stories, novellas and even songwriting. Also included in this collection is a series of correspondence, the bulk of which is personal; along with college papers, teaching materials, graphics and photographs.

More information on this archival collection can be found on the Patricia Huyett Collection page.

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