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The UMKC Music/Media Library presents the Shining A Light Concert, spring semester 2024.

The UMKC Music/Media Library is offering a performance opportunity to highlight 21st century music from underrepresented composers from our Shining a Light Collection. The Shining a Light Collection was founded in 2020 and has grown to include over 170 composers and over 800 musical works.  We invite currently enrolled UMKC Conservatory students to apply for this paid opportunity to perform a piece from the Shining a Light Collection.

This concert is supported by the UMKC Libraries Elizabeth Noble Fund.

Application deadline: Sunday, January 28, 2024

The UMKC Music/Media Library Shining A Light Collection highlights 21st century music from underrepresented composers.

About the Shining a Light Concert

The Shining a Light Concert is at the Miller Nichols Library iX Theatre on Tuesday April 4, 2023, 6-7 pm. 

Pieces must be selected from the Libraries’ Shining A Light Collection of 21st century music from underrepresented composers. Materials are available to be checked out from the UMKC Music/Media Library.

Aim for a 7-15 minute performance. This includes performing the piece and sharing a few brief spoken sentences about the composer and the context of the piece, geared towards a general (non-music) audience. Performances shorter than 7 minutes will also be considered.

Submissions can have a maximum of six performers, due to performance space.

Equipment: The library will provide chairs, music stands, and a keyboard (HP 130 Digital Piano). Performers must provide all other instruments and equipment. Applicants are welcome to try out the keyboard in advance. It is located in the Music/Media Library room G1. We recommend a 30 minute reservation for the time you plan to stop by, as the room is frequently reserved for study sessions. 

Each performer will receive $75. UMKC requires a Social Security Number for payment. Performers must have a Social Security Number and complete a W-9 form prior to performance. Performers without a Social Security Number are eligible to perform, but cannot be paid.

All performers must be current UMKC Conservatory students. The only exception is that collaborative pianists working with a UMKC Conservatory student soloist are not required to be current UMKC Conservatory students.

A recommendation from a UMKC Conservatory professor is required. Brief email recommendations are fine. In the application, upload either a screenshot of the email or PDF of the recommendation.

The concert will conclude with a brief reception.


Applications are due Sunday, January 28, 2024.

Applicants will be notified on Monday, February 12, 2024.

Concert will be held in April.



Application Form

Application for Shining A Light Concert

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