Annual Report

Student in stacks
Student in stacks
Hardback books in a color gradient, with the distinctive look of a series of library-bound periodicals
A person works at a desk between rows of library card catalogs


librarian at laptop

New hires &


New faces! New positions! Our people are what make every single thing in this report possible. Meet our new employees, and join us in congratulating everyone who was promoted this year.

Library staff portraits
Library staff portraits

Sophia Pressler

Library Information Specialist, Circulation
New Hire

Aubrey Kobayashi

Digital Projects Fellow, Digital Projects
New Hire

Olivia Kays

Library Fellow in Teaching & Learning
New Hire

Coryell Deege

University Archives Assistant, University Archives
New Hire

Laura Theel

Library Information Specialist, Health Sciences Library
New Hire

Lisa Gooden

Circulation and Operations Librarian, Law Library
New Hire

Nikki L'Amour

Library Information Specialist, Marr Sound Archives
New Hire

Brenda Linares

Associate Dean of Library Services, Services and Resources Division
New Hire

Christie Webb

Senior Library Information Specialist, Interlibrary Loan
New Hire

Ariel Newman

Student Services and Reference Librarian, Law Library
New Hire

Luke Scheil

Senior Library Information Specialist, Student Supervisor, Circulation

Stuart Hinds

Librarian III

Robin Sommer

Library Associate, Interlibrary Loan

Marie Thompson

Librarian III

Cynthia Flanagan

Librarian II

Tracey Hughes

Librarian III

Paul Wagner

Library Information Specialist, Senior Supervisor, Circulation

Lindy Smith

Librarian III

Mardi Mahaffy

Librarian IV

Kelly McEniry

Library Associate, LaBudde Special Collections

Yasaswini Allaparthi

Sai Sharmila Bonam

Abbie D. Brown

Chandana Burramukku

Ranga Reddy Chaparapu

Sraawya Chintala

Ian Y. Chung

Wei Dai

Gwendolyn N. DeLaney

Marie L. Gallardo

Luke P. Gilbreth

Mahipal Reddy Gumireddy

Seth N. Hofheins

Hadley Jarvis

Jasmin Joy

Daniel (Max) Koehn

Justin M. Kraus

Jeffrey Leafblad

Colin A. Levins

Srinivas Gowtham Majeti

Shreya K. Menon

Hanad A. Mire

De’onna Moore

Abhinay Reddy Mothe

Marion (Seven) Murray

Datta Teja (DT) Nalluri

Cameron L. Nollman

Joseph O. Olaoye

Mavis Parks

Khushi B. Patel

Vishnuvardhani Pinnapareddy

Sai Teja Pulluri

Mohamed B. Refaat

Grace (Gray) Robison

Katilyn  Sanders

Melanie J. Rodriguez Diaz

Nikathyasmeen Shaik

Julia Smith 

Sai Mrudula Reddy Sodam

Fabiola Sore

Prathyusha Swarna

James L. Taylor

Brandon S. Thibodeau

Varalaxmi Thota

Olivia Unseth

Sree Ganesh Vaidya

Brianna S. York

Xu Zheng


student Workers

Gratitude for this year's supporting


The Libraries received

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in gifts from 39 donors.

Special thanks to a

$ 0

gift from the Miller Nichols Charitable Foundation.


Scholarships &


Maya Jones, 2023 winner of the Friends of the Library Scholarship
Maya Jones, 2023 winner of the Friends of the Library Scholarship

Friends of the Library Scholarship

Essay Quotes

Maya Jones, 2023 winner of the Friends of the Library Scholarship


of the year

Starr Women's Hall of Fame



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Student art Exhibits


UMKC Libraries believe that public exhibits are an enriching and stimulating part of any community. For the first time ever, we began exhibiting artwork by UMKC students. Importantly, the Libraries’ Student Art Exhibits Program is not just open to students in Fine Arts programs; any UMKC student can apply to show their creative or intellectual work in a library gallery, and we have dedicated the gallery spaces on the first floor of our main library and at the Health Sciences Library primarily for student exhibits. In our inaugural academic year, we hosted eight student art exhibits by students in degree programs ranging from education to foreign language to jazz studies. 

Center for digital and Public


Students and staff in a shared study space

Shining a Light


This April 2023 concert was the inaugural Shining a Light Concert, during which UMKC students performed works from the library’s Shining a Light Collection, created to highlight the works of 21st century composers from underrepresented groups. 

Student using a treadmill while on laptop
A student exercises while studying at the Health Sciences Library.

Active Study


Student using a treadmill while on laptop
A student exercises while studying at the Health Sciences Library.
Brenda Linares, Associate Dean of Library Services

Welcoming our new associate dean of

library services


Our new Associate Dean of Library Services, Brenda Linares, joined us in November 2022 and spent the year getting to know all of us – our library workers, departments, spaces, services, and resources – and diving into understanding our mission and values. The Associate Dean is primarily responsible for the operations of our Miller Nichols Library and Health Sciences Library, and provides leadership and oversight on the collections, teaching, learning and research mission of the libraries in support of the UMKC curriculum and research agenda. Every year is exciting around here – just look at this report! – but it was extra exciting for us to have Brenda’s added voice on our library leadership team.

This year's


Total library visits
student looking at laptop
Website page views
Database searches per day
Student reading book
Items borrowed through Interlibrary Loan
Unique page views for archival collections
Students in library instruction classes
One-on-one instruction
One-on-one research consultations
Full text articles
Full-text article views

Streaming video request

Streaming video request

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Case dimensions: 5’ long x 30” wide x 9” high sitting atop 3’ legs

Glass exhibit table


The First Floor Gallery is located just inside the main entrance of the Miller Nichols Library.

Wall with exhibit content

Conference Room 325

Located on the Third Floor of Miller Nichols Library. For access, enter the library at the north ground floor entrance or the west first floor entrance. Then take the stairs or the elevator to the third floor..

Map of third floor of Miller Nichols Library
The fourth floor of Miller Nichols Library is closed for renovation until Fall 2025.
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