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Sandy Rodriguez Receives Outstanding Professional Librarian Award

We are thrilled to announce that Sandy Rodriguez, Head of Digital Archives & Stewardship, has won the 2018 MLA Outstanding Professional Librarian Award!

This award recognizes a librarian who has made a significant contribution to the improvement and advancement of library and information services. Congratulations, Sandy!

Sandy has made numerous contributions over the past ten years which make her an ideal recipient of this award. Deeply committed to preservation and access of special collections and archives materials, Sandy has successfully managed two major grant cataloging projects, implemented an online repository for digital special collections, and initiated a University of Missouri libraries’ effort to more effectively safeguard born-digital content over the long-term.

On an ongoing basis, Sandy is an engaged diversity, equity, and inclusion advocate who shares her knowledge and perspectives through a wide-range of guest lectures and teaching, library school courses, presentations, blog posts, committee work both in professional organizations and within the university, and publications.

Consequently, she has been recognized by serving in a number of leadership positions in professional organizations and with several awards including Code4Lib Diversity Award in Spring 2015 and Library Juice Academy Fellowship in Fall 2017.

Sandy will be presented her award at the MLA Annual Conference Awards Reception on Oct.10, 2018.

Posted: August 24, 2018

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