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War Bond poster. "Deliver Us From Evil." Poster features photographic image of young girl superimposed upon large white swastika. White lowercase lettering across top of poster reads: "Deliver Us From Evil." Lower 2" of poster has blue uppercase block lettering: "BUY WAR BONDS." Background is a gray cloudy sky. Small print at bottom of poster reads: "U.S. GOVERNMENT PRINTING OFFICE: 1943-0-523825 WSS 808."

Dimensions: H14" x W11"
Date: 1943
Maker: U.S. GPO

History: This poster was part of a large collection assembled during World War II by Doris Garrett Shanklin of Winchester, Massachusetts. The Shanklin home was used as a Red Cross bandage-wrapping station and many of the posters were displayed in the home for the enjoyment of the volunteers.

Poster image courtesy of the Truman Presidential Museum and Library.
Link to the Truman Presidential Museum and Library's "World War II in Posters" exhibit.

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