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Scope and Content of Collection

The Zine Collection consists of multiple collections related to local and national underground/DIY magazine culture, starting with the first donation to LaBudde Special Collections in December 2015.

Rita Brinkerhoff Collection

The Rita Brinkerhoff Collection was donated to LaBudde Special Collections by Rita Brinkerhoff herself in March 2016. The collection contains periodicals, letters, and memorabilia dating from 1984 to 2007. Small but diverse, it boasts a total of twelve series, including Personal, Poetry, Non-fiction, Fiction, Comics, Women/Feminism, Art/Photography, Community, Music, Miscellaneous, as well as Correspondence and Memorabilia.

Kansas City Zine Collective Collection

The Kansas City Zine Collective Collection was gifted to the LaBudde Special Collections in December 2015 by collective founders. The collection houses periodicals from 1976 to 2015, spanning eighteen series. It boasts both broad and niche subjects ranging from the “Perzine” (personal zines), to Anarchy, Fiction, Poetry, and Photography. This set provides a truly unique and all-encompassing view of D.I.Y. (Do It Yourself) culture both then and now.

Kansas City Zine Con Collection

The Kansas City Zine Con Collection was donated to LaBudde Special Collections in April 2016 by various participants of the Kansas City Zine Con 2015. The collection contains primarily periodicals, with some outreach and merchandise. Dating from 2012 to 2015 and distributed by the Kansas City Zine Con in 2015, the total zine count in this collection is thirty-seven. The collection contains four series: Art/Photography, Literature, Miscellaneous, and Outreach.

Rachel Kauffman Collection

The Rachel Kauffman Collection was gifted to LaBudde Special Collections in December 2015 by Rachel Kauffman herself. The collection provides a diverse glimpse into underground publication, as well as punk rock music and the D.I.Y. (Do It Yourself) culture at the turn of the Twenty-First Century. Spanning the years 1994-2000, the collection is comprised of over 180 periodicals, organized into five series. Series I is primarily geared toward Punk, Oi, and Streetrock, while Series II is mainly focused on Ska music. Series III and IV represent a broader scope of zines, dealing with Skinhead culture and Christian themes respectively. Series V, Miscellaneous, contains everything from art catalogues to poetry, comic books to thrifting guides, and topical, often sarcastic, editorials to deeply personal human experience.


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