Second floor computer lab needs monitoring and reference assistance available

We've shared your thoughts with UMKC IS staff who supervise this lab. They are working on addressing it and will be reminding their student assistants to direct students to library staff for questions about the library's resources. You can also obtain library help and reference assistance through our chat and email services, available at the bottom of all of the library's web pages.


Original suggestion: It seems like many of the students using 2nd floor computer lab are not monitored. I know this is not technically a "quiet floor" however I have noticed that many of the students, including myself are disturbed by others ... who are having loud converstations, watching soccer games and cheering loudly or showing frustration. I know complaining to the students working here won't solve anything. Also, the students working here sometimes do not know what they are talking about regarding how to access the library databases from home and when one student asked how to find a book on the floor, they said they simply could not help them. It is frustrating.