Instructor Guidelines for Placing Materials on Reserve

  • Reserves are materials to be used by students in your course, made available by the library.
  • What can be placed on reserve?
    • Physical materials owned by UMKC Libraries
      • Kept at appropriate desk and circulated to students for specified time periods.
    • Instructor's personal copies of materials
      • If the library does not own a copy, instructors may place their personal copy on reserve or request that the library purchase a copy.
      • The library will take precautions to safeguard materials but assumes no liability.
  • How reserves work for your students:
    • Students may gain access to materials at the library service desks. 
    • Physical course reserves are also searchable in the library catalog
  • How to place materials on reserve:
  • Other details:
    • Allow up to 1 week for the library to process reserves before assigning students to use them.
    • Materials are removed from physical reserve and personal copies returned to the instructor at the end of each semester unless otherwise arranged.
  • Instructors may also add links to their Blackboard course to online library materials. These materials have already been licensed for students' use.
  • If the library does not own an electronic copy, instructors may upload documents themselves, making sure to follow copyright guidelines

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