Green Homes Help Revitalize Urban Core

August 26 - November 2, 2016
Miller Nichols Library, 1st Floor

Thanks to the hard work of Anne Martin, a senior in the school of Architecture, Urban Planning + Design, Miller Nichols Library has a deLIGHTful new display on the first floor!

The homes pictured in Martin's display represent three of 85 houses on the north side of Minneapolis, MN. The homes were built as part of a project called "Green Homes North," which is still active and working toward its goal of building 100 energy efficient houses in five years.

Why was the Green Homes North project initiated? North Minneapolis was suffering from a high number of forclosures and vacant lots following the housing crisis and the tornado that hit the area in 2011. The city aimed to prevent neighborhood and property value decline by building high quality homes that would encourage Minneapolis residents to move to or stay in the urban core and spur additional infill development.

Learn more about the project and its impact by visiting the display.