Jen Salvo-Eaton Receives Outstanding New Librarian Award

Jen Salvo-Eaton, Head of Resource Sharing and Graduate Student Services at the UMKC Libraries, recently received the Missouri Library Association's Outstanding New Librarian Award.

The Outstanding New Librarian Award recognizes a librarian who has made a significant contribution to the improvement and advancement of library and information services.

Cindy Thompson, Director of Public Services at the UMKC Libraries, nominated Salvo-Eaton for the award. In her nomination she wrote, "just shy of three years after receiving her MLS, [Jen] has taken on more than many librarians do throughout their careers. In three years at UMKC, Jen has made incredible improvements to our interlibrary loan service, built a regional community of interlibrary loan staff and librarians, and built up a brand new set of services targeted toward graduate students."

"I’m very honored to receive this award," Salvo-Eaton states, "My successes would not be possible without my great team and supportive colleagues at UMKC. I know I tend to push the envelope sometimes, but I appreciate the freedom to initiate projects and experiment...The biggest reason [I love my job] is because I get to make change happen: improving library services, starting an entirely new program, and changing students’ perceptions of libraries and librarians."

Thompson had this to say after Salvo-Eaton received the award: “The level of achievement Jen has reached is admirable for any librarian, and that it was attained in so few years is astounding. She has had a significant impact on the library, the university, and other librarians...I can’t even imagine what she will accomplish as she continues to grow in her career.”

Congratulations, Jen!