Library Receives Grant for Writing Resource Micro-Collection

On May 11, 2016 the UMKC Libraries received a $6,308 Opportunity Award from Amigos Library Services to build a digital and physical writing resources micro-collection at Miller Nichols Library.

A recent study of UMKC graduate students found that students are often not aware of the resources available to support their writing. In response, the Libraries are partnering with the UMKC Writing Studio to develop a small, curated physical and electronic collection of writing resources to enhance services provided by both parties.

This opportunity was made possible by UMKC Employees Jen Salvo-Eaton, Cindy Thompson, Staci Pratt, and Thomas Ferrell (Writing Studio) and their project: “Dynamic Engagement: Digital and Physical Promotion of a Writing Resources Micro-Collection.”

The micro-collection will use LibraryThing, a tool used to create a browseable digital display promoting select resources in our e-collections. For greatest accessibility, the collection will be located between the Libraries’ reference and research support area and the Writing Studio’s writing consultation space.

Planning on this project has begun, and hopes are to make visible changes to the space and services starting as early as this year. Keep up with the libraries on facebook and twitter for project updates.

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Twitter: @UMKCMNL