News from the Dean: Flood Recovery Update

The recovery efforts following the December 19 flooding in the Miller Nichols Library is well underway. All of the dry wall that had to be cut out has been replaced and repainting of the walls will be completed by January 19.

1st Floor
The only work required on the 1st floor is repair of the affected walls. This work will be completed by January 19.

Music/Media Library
Re-carpeting on the Ground Floor will begin January 25 and continue through January 31. Book and score stacks in the Music/Media Library will need to be moved to allow for removal of the old carpet and laying of the new carpet. The music books, scores, and ground floor computer lab will be unavailable January 25-31. Anyone needing books and scores from the Music collection should check them out prior to January 25. The first and second floor computer labs will be open. The second floor lab computers have MuseScore, Finale, and Sibelius. Prior to January 25, the Music collections are accessible to library users and the ground floor computer lab is open.

Marr Sound Archives
The entire Marr Sound Archives will require re-carpeting. At this time we do not have a timetable on when this work will be done but will announce the timing of the work when we know it. The Marr Sound Archives will be closed for use while the carpeting is being done. Please plan ahead if you need to listen to any of the Marr collections which can be used in the LaBudde Special Collections on the 3rd floor. Any tours or class visits that have been scheduled will be re-scheduled as needed.

We appreciate everyone’s patience and concern during this recovery process. Indeed we feel fortunate that the damage was minimal and everything that was damaged is either being repaired or replaced in quick order.