Why Move the Reference Collection?

We have had some inquiries about the First Floor Reference Collection - Why were the shelves taken down, and where are the books?

After looking at how the books and the space was used, we made the decision because of both the lack of use that most of that collection receives (making it difficult for anyone to find the books they do use) and the shortage of space on the first floor. The books that are used regularly are now on the shelves next to the research desk (what we call the Ready Reference collection) or are destined for the new Writing Resources Microcollection (which will soon be up and running near the Writing Studio). Those items that are used less frequently are on the second floor with the rest of the collection and can now be checked out by UMKC patrons. The items that were rarely being used are in the robot and may also be checked out by UMKC students, staff, and faculty. We’re hoping that the collection will be more usable this way and that the new study area created will allow even more UMKC students to find study space in the library.