People, Places, and Perceptions: Art by Sharon Gradischnig

Exhibit Opening October 22, 2015 | 5:00-8:00PM
Miller Nichols Library, 4th Floor - Dean's Gallery

People, Places, and Perceptions: A Retrospective from the Past Decade by Artist Sharon Gradischnig

From this artist’s point of view, art is a vehicle for communication of thoughts, feelings, ideas and the exploration of form, color, plus for the understanding of how to use these and other elements to explore a world view. This exhibition serves up a sample of the artist’s creative wanderings over the past decade, while a student at several institutions including a recent several years at the Kansas City Art Institute where at the age of 75 she earned a BFA in painting.

The most currant paintings reflect her interest in the portrait as a subject for the exploration of relationship; both the subject’s relationship to self to others of different or similar circumstances. They include ideas of the personal and the public, the object and the abstract. Gradischnig’s use of a variety of mediums, including oil, acrylic and gauche paint, plus ink, pencil, photography and ceramics help her explore ideas of universal connectedness and cosmetology in abstract paintings and drawings, as well as ideas of connectedness through relationship in the forms of the painted and photographed  figure and portrait.

The later portraits show the influence of Matisse, in particular, as well the acknowledged influences of Max Beckman, Alice Neil and Paula Modersohn-Becker.

Below is a statement from the artist:
“Relationship is what compels me to create, whether it is relationship between colors, images or obscure forces.  At times the image takes on the form of an abstract cosmic moment; color may play a tune to manifest an emotional response of knowing or understanding a symbolic form or gesture. At other times the image may tell a story in the form of a portrait. In this case the relationship of color in creating form becomes important to building the form and the feeling I want the form to share.  Primarily I use oil because of its malleability, but I am also experimenting with photography and paint to build layers of depth, mystery and meaning into the work.

With these considerations of universal and practiced relationship, form, and color; the results are varied, demonstrated by portraits in which color and gesture are integrated to relate to the moment the individual is experiencing and then placed within a relationship context by proximity to another portrait or other portraits. Each one may stand alone or in the context of an established relationship(s) describing the evolution of a period of time, of time itself or a social or economic context. Another approach to relationship relies on the abstract use of color and symbols of unity and cosmological integration of the universe and processes. This approach often takes the form of circle forms and moody color relationships that may speak to the soul rather than the intellect.
And sometimes I just enjoy exploring a place, person, thing or abstract doodle that connects the everyday and dream worlds in which I dwell. I Hope you enjoy traveling with me…”

Exhibit on display through December 20, 2015.

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