News from the Dean: Flooding in the Miller Nichols Library


The weekend of December 19 when the Miller Nichols Library was closed, an ice machine in the café malfunctioned and flooded the first floor. Water seeped into the ground floor as well. On Monday morning when library staff arrived, it was raining on the ground floor. Campus Police and Facilities were immediately called and a water remediation company was on site very shortly to start the process of extracting water. Some books, periodicals, and scores in the Music/Media Library got wet but library staff immediately set to work on drying them out. Some materials were too wet to dry out in the library and were sent out for treatment. We anticipate no losses to our collections.

While the library was closed the week of Dec. 21 so the water could be extracted and the facilities dried out, we were able to re-open on Dec. 28 for regular intersession hours.

We will be moving quickly into the rebuilding phase to repair damages to the affected areas of the library. We hope to have the bulk of the work to restore the Ground and 1st floors completed by the time classes start on January 19. However, until the work is completed, you may need to request assistance in the Music/Media Library and Marr Sound Archives as most of the restoration will be in those areas. Carpeting, ceiling tiles, and sections of wall will need to be replaced. The work will be scheduled to be done when the library is closed to minimize disruptions when the library is open.

We do feel fortunate that we did not lose any of our collections and the repairs can be completed fairly quickly. We are very sorry for the inconvenience and appreciate your patience as we get things back in order.