Fake News Workshop

November 13 | 3 - 4PM
Miller Nichols Library, 1st Floor - iX Theatre

Did you know our personal histories and frames of reference influence our exposure and approach to news? Armed with this knowledge, we can be mindful about our information diets. How we process what we take in. How we can work against the proliferation of misinformation, disinformation, and fake news.

Come learn from university librarians about your role in the information cycle. You have a responsibility as critical information consumers and advocates against fake news. This 50-minute workshop will discuss how confirmation bias and filter bubbles shape our information habits and our participation in the news cycle. We'll also provide concrete strategies for being responsible readers and sharers of news.
Raising awareness about problematic types of news and providing strategies for how to combat the issue of fake news is one way that UMKC Libraries supports our students, faculty, and community. Visit our book display on the 1st floor of Miller Nichols Library to learn more about types of problematic news and how to spot them. Or go to our reading list of e-books about misinformation and the media.
This workshop, Fake News: Your Role & Your Responsibility, was first presented at the Educate-Organize-Advocate Conference on Civic and Community Engagement on the UMKC campus On October 20, 2017.