Construction Update

*Update as of 5/1/2015

Construction will begin on Monday, May 4th. To minimize disruption during finals, the work will take place between 1:00am and 12:00pm from Thursday, May 7th to Friday, May 13th. Any disruptive work will take place before and after the Library's extended hours leading up to finals.


The 3rd Floor of Miller Nichols Library will be closed for construction starting Spring Break. Math & Science tutoring will still be hosted on the 3rd floor, however please use the elevators near MNLC to best access tutoring.

Please excuse the noise while the 3rd floor is under construction. Additional study areas are on the Ground, 1st, and 2nd floors. 4th floor is the Quiet Floor. Earbuds are available at the Ground and 1st floor service desks.

For any questions, please contact the Administrative Office at 816-235-1531 or after 5pm call the Circulation Desk at 816-235-1526