ADA at 25 exhibit "Patterns"

October 9 - December 18, 2015
Miller Nichols Library, Ground Floor - Link Gallery

“Patterns” is an exhibition that displays the investigations of three artists from Imagine That! These artists: Lesley, Rickey, and Linda all display unique and personal ways in which they investigate patterns, and how they arise from compositions of line, color, and repetition. Rickey utilizes strict geometric shapes to create ornate compositions on paper. Linda shapes color and utilizes mark making to saturate the page crafting an overwhelming visual field of circles. Meanwhile, Lesley chooses to create variants of a single illustrative caricature. In this exhibition we perceive the personal restrictions and aesthetic decisions that each artist has chosen and view the vastness of the work these artists create on a prolific scale. Imagine That! is an innovative creative arts studio, which opened in April 2012, for individuals with developmental disabilities located in the Crossroads Art District of Kansas City, Missouri.

Take a moment to view this video about the Americans with Disibilities Act turning 25