Construction Updates

  • Library Road to close Thursday, March 24! The road closure is to accommodate 2 projects: the steam line problem repair and moving a KCP&L line.

    1st Floor

    • Carpeting and floor tile will be laid starting later this week and completed by early next week.
    • Ceiling work will be completed by April 1.
    • The Café will be completed by mid-week next week.
    • Testing and balancing of HVAC and testing of fire alarm system by the end of spring break.
    • Furniture for center area will be delivered next week.

    New signage system plan is being finalized so it can go out to bid. It will probably not be ready for installation until sometime this summer.

  • • There will be a power outage on Thursday morning, Apr. 14 at 5am on the 1st floor to tie the

    • There will be a power outage on Thursday morning, Apr. 14 at 5am on the 1st floor to tie the two areas of the 1st floor electrical system together. It will be finished by 7:30am at the latest. PCs should be shut down Wednesday evening in case this causes a surge.
    • The Robot Café opened Monday, Apr. 11 with the specially blended Roasterie blend RooRoast! Check out all the coffee options. More refrigeration cases for food are due in sometime this week so the food selection should grow.
    • The punchlist will be conducted April 12 in which all the things that need to be fixed or completed are identified. Contractors will need to complete all the items on the list before everything is done.
    • A new drinking fountain is on order.
    • The new office suite is close to completion.
    • Most of the construction equipment and toolboxes should be removed on Tuesday.
    • Once the contractors are gone, there will be a thorough cleaning of the 1st and 2nd floors to clean up the construction dust. Air filters will be replaced in the air handlers.
    • The signage system is in design phase. We hope to have it ready for the fall semester.

  • On October 31 construction of the new Interactive Learning Lab on the 4th Floor of Miller Nichols Library. Initially the lab will house the computer-based program for College Algebra. This work will include the dismantling of the empty shelves on the 4th floor. The dismantling of the shelving will be disruptive. Signage will alert patrons that it will be noisy in the area from 7:30am-2pm. People should be encouraged to use the 2nd floor East side while this work is being done. The freight elevator will be in use for moving the shelving components between 4th and 3rd floors. I have requested that the freight elevator is padded for the duration of this work.

    The construction of the new lab space will require core drilling in the floor for all of the electrical and data connections. The core drilling itself will be done when the library is closed, however, other work relating to the wiring portion of this project may be done during the normal work day and will require work on the 3rd floor in the ceiling.

    This project has to be completed in time for the start of the Spring semester in January.

  • Dismantling shelving on the 4th floor happened overnight on Friday, Nov. 4th.

    Furniture will be removed from construction area on Monday morning, Nov. 7th. 

    A window on the Southeast side of the 4th floor will be used to remove demo’d materials. Carpet removal will begin early during the week of Nov. 7, then construction will begin. A dumpster will be installed near the drive to the loading dock for the contractor's use.

  • • The north drive of Miller Nichols Library will be closed starting Dec. 19 to take care of yet another steam line leak at the West end of the road. They do not know how long this project will take.
    • The Interactive Learning Center on the 4th floor is being painted right now and carpeting will begin on Thursday. Painting of the exterior walls will continue through early next week. Furniture will be delivered next week and installation will begin sometime after that.
    • The new signage system will be installed starting Dec. 19. In preparation for that all of the old signage system must be taken down and the walls patched and touched up as needed. We may need to post temporary signs for restrooms and will somehow have the old directories positioned to provide location information.
    • A work order has been placed to re-paint behind the white boards on the 1st floor as the marker dust has created clouds around them. They will paint using a washable semi-gloss paint so, hopefully, this will be easier to keep clean. They will do the group study room closest to the West emergency stairwell as a test and if it cleans well, they will do the others.
    • New carpeting is scheduled to be put down in the elevator corridor on the Ground floor starting Dec. 17 (Sat.) This should be done early the week of Dec. 19.
    • Design development plans are to be completed for the classroom wing by mid-January. Over the break we hope to paint on the wall where the South entry to the library will be an outline of a door to inform people of where the new entrance will be once the addition has been opened for use.
    • We plan on re-arranging the furnishings on the 4th floor to better accommodate quiet study on the North side. Old wood carrels will be removed. Books in the 4th floor stacks will be shifted to make for a more logical arrangement with "A's" beginning at the East and progressing alphabetically towards the West.

  • Old wall and door mountage signage has been removed and painters touched-up paint on columns and where signs were removed. There are doors with adhesive that needs to be removed. This will be done sometime next week.  It will require using a chemical which will create fumes. 

    On Dec. 27, Star Signs will begin installation of the new signs. Work likely will take 3-4 days.

    Carpeting in the Ground Floor elevator corridor was replaced the week of Dec. 19.

    First Floor

    Repainting walls behind the white boards will start next week. Walls will be painted with a glossy paint that can be washed more easily to clean off the marker dust. Washable markers will be purchase to help keep the walls clean.

    Fourth Floor

    Interactive Learning Center now has all of its furniture and the contractors will be finishing up their part (doors, base board, etc.); PCs were delivered and installed.

    Furniture on the in the open areas of the floor is being re-arrangemed. Some bean bag chairs have been received and placed. 

    Exterior Work

    Steam line repair began Dec. 19. The library road will be closed at Fine Arts making the road 2-way with the need to turn around in the loading dock area.  Handicap parking will still be available along the road.

    • Groundbreaking ceremony, April 12
    • Placement of the contractor trailer on 51st St. sidewalk.  Please walk on the South side of 51st Street.
    • Excavation and underground utilities.
    • Handicapped access from campus through Fine Arts

  • MNL 3rd Floor Sprinkler Line Replacement:
    The main feeder lines for the MNL 3rd floor sprinkler system is scheduled to begin replacement work on Monday, June 11, 2012.  Work in MNL 304, will be done at night.  Work on the public side will be done during the day.  The contractor is to have the system operating each day after they finish.  They are to minimize obstructions as they work and to clean up work areas every day.  They will move piping in and out through windows on the west end of the building.  UMKC Facilities staff will start the project by removing ceiling tiles so the contractor can access the pipes.  The project is expected to take 3 to 4 weeks.

    Marr Sound Archive Build Out:
    New patron listening and collaboration space as well as new office space will be built on the east side of Marr.  Additionally a new ground floor corridor to the west side of MNL for access to the new addition will be built.  Improved vending machine space and a security gate will be added.  The Marr build out should be completed before Fall Semester 2012 begins.  The vending machines will be temporarily relocated on the ground floor to accommodate construction.  The MERLIN computer in the stacks will be temporarily removed during construction.

    Interactive Learning Center Build Out:
    Construction work to expand the ILC located on the 4th floor of MNL is scheduled to begin this summer with completion planned before Fall Semester 2012 begins.  The Corky Pfeiffer Collection and reading area furniture will be relocated to the northeast corner of the 4th floor.  The MERLIN computer will be moved to the west end of the 4th floor.

    Miller Nichols Learning Center:
    Old utilities removal work will continue for the next few weeks.  Piers, foundation and new utilities work will begin this summer with noise and exhaust fumes possible.

    • Construction begins of new corridor connecting library to learning center – Ground Floor
    • Learning Center foundations poured
    • Exterior concrete panels on West side of library to be removed Saturdays beginning Aug. 25
    • Westbound lane closure on 51st Street on Sept. 5 & 6
    • Steel erection Sept./Oct.
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