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MOspace is the digital institutional repository of the University of Missouri System. It is a permanent digital storehouse of research and knowledge, focusing on works created by those connected with the University of Missouri. MOspace is the place where faculty, staff and students can store their intellectual output, and depend upon a permanent URL.

MOspace is our part of the international open access movement. You have probably heard of the recent votes in favor of open access by Harvard's Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Stanford's School of Education, and other institutions and faculties. MOspace could even be a home for a new open access journal in the future. Because of the metadata assigned to each item submitted to MOspace, users searching Google Scholar or RooSearch will be able to easily locate and have access to the item.

MOspace allows the library to preserve and provide open access to items in a more permanent way than posting to a website. The project uses DSpace, an open source application developed at MIT, which provides permanent URLs for documents deposited through it to the MOspace server. The Libraries are committed to this ongoing effort as part of the next generation of library collections.

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Establishing MOspace is part of the crucial role libraries play in preserving research and scholarship in all forms and making knowledge accessible for future scholars.

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