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Federal Government Online Sources

UMKC University Libraries Government Information Databases  (Free and Subscription which are available to UMKC students, faculty, and staff)

 US Government Printing Office FDsys  

GPO's Federal Digital System (FDsys) provides public access to Government information submitted by Congress and Federal agencies and preserved as technology changes.

Bureau of the Census Homepage

Statistical Reference Shelf (FedStats) - statistical data from a variety of US federal agencies.


State and Local Government Online Sources

Mid America Regional Council

MSCDC - Missouri State Census Data Center

OSEDA - Office of Social & Economic Analysis University of Missouri System

Missouri State Government Web

State Government Information – 50 states Library of Congress

Contact the Public Services Desk at 816 235-1526 for research assistance

United States and Missouri government publications are primarily online in the 21st century and you may find them in the MERLIN Library Catalog and through the University Libraries Government Information Databases.  The historical collection of paper and microfiche may also be found by searching the MERLIN Library Catalog. 

Ask for assistance at the Pubic Services Research Desk on the first floor of the Miller Nichols Library, call the Public Services Desk at (816) 235-1526, or email us.

The United States government established the Government Printing Office (GPO) Depository Program in 1895. The Library of the University of Kansas City was designated a depository library in 1938. The Miller Nichols Library of the University of Missouri-Kansas City now serves as a federal depository for the 5th. Congressional District in Missouri and selects approximately 60% of all the items currently offered.

The Federal depository collection provides original source materials for research and study of the activities, programs, and policies of the federal government. The collection is comprehensive, encompassing current and historical materials in a wide range of subject areas. Collection strengths include statistical sources, a complete collection of the Bureau of the Census publications, extensive business, labor and education statistics and periodicals, reports from a variety of departments, agencies, and commissions, and comprehensive legislative materials.

The Linda Hall Library selectively houses approximately 8% of the University Libraries’ collection in the subject areas of science and technology at the Linda Hall Library, an independent and privately supported research library for science and technology.  For materials sent to the Linda Hall Library, please consult LEONARDO the online catalog at Linda Hall Library and the MERLIN library Catalog.

In 2011, more than 95% of current government documents are online and may be located via the Library Catalog (MERLIN) or the World Wide Web.  Historical documents are continually added to various government websites by the federal government and the GPO or in partnership with educational or non-profit organizations. Much of the University Libraries federal depository collection is available for circulation to the UMKC academic community with a portion retained as reference. The paper and microfiche collections are located in the University Libraries Roobot.   All are welcome to use the collection. Materials are available in electronic format, paper, and microfiche. The Library is also an online selective depository for The State of Missouri and retains documents in historical paper and microfiche formats.



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