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Placing items on Reserve

Reserves are materials to be used by students in your course, made available by the library.

  • After making a Reserve Request, allow up to 1 week for the library to process reserves before assigning students to use them.
  • Materials are removed from physical reserve and personal copies returned to the instructor at the end of each semester unless otherwise arranged.

Granting Access to your Library Account

Instructors can complete the Proxy Borrowing Form to grant co-instructors or student teachers temporary access to their library account on their behalf. Read the full Proxy Account Policy for further details.

RooBooks Office Delivery of Books

Any UMKC faculty or staff member who has a Volker or Hospital Hill campus department delivery address may request that their library books be sent directly to their campus address instead of having to pick the books up at the library. Read the full Roobooks Policy for further details.

  • From the Catalog: Depending on your office location, select a pickup location of either RooBooks Nichols Library or RooBooks HSL.
  • From Interlibrary Loan: If the item is available for RooBooks delivery, change the delivery method from PICKUP to RooBooks.

Making Links Accessible from Off Campus

Links from library resources (articles, ebooks, etc.) do not always work from off-campus. Use the fields below to create links to resources that will work both on and off-campus.

Copy and paste your source URL here:


Copy and paste the new link for on or off-campus access:



One of the best ways to avoid copyright problems is to link to articles, e-book chapters or e-books with permalinks in Blackboard. However, each database provides their permalinks in different ways:



To create permalinks in Blackboard:

  • Open the Content Area where you would like to post the link.
  • Click the Build Content button and choose Item from the drop down menu, and a new screen will appear.
  • Enter a *Name for your URL into the text editor. Highlight the text you entered into the text editor and click on the link icon ( link icon ) from the menu above. When you click on the link option, a box will appear where you can enter the permalink URL (with proxy prefix) into the Link Path.
  • Next, select Insert.


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