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Why move the reference collection?

We have had some inquiries about the First Floor Reference Collection - Why were the shelves taken down, and where are the books?

Gum, candy, mints

We recently received a pretty simple suggestion in the first floor box - "Gum, candy, mints." We took a guess at what you were requesting, and sent it along to the vending company to see if they could add it to the vending machine - and they have! You can now find your gum in the ground floor vending machine. Enjoy!

Overly fragrant soap

Thank you for taking the time to share your suggestion with us. The soap and dispensers are actually provided by a company that contracts with campus facilities for all restrooms on campus, so we have passed your suggestion on to campus facilities.


Getting splinters from staircase and door.

We're sorry you've had some splinters! We have surveyed the handrails and doors and sanded what splintery spots we've found. If we missed a spot, please let us know where it is so we can make sure it's handled. Thank you.

Please install a coffee vending machine.

Coffee is definitely an important aspect of our study environment, and we keep experimenting with different ways to get you your caffeine. Coffee vending machines tend to produce some pretty gross sludge, so we've switched them out in favor of a Keurig. You'll need to provide your own cup (as a part of our sustainability initiative), but you can get the coffee in the vending machines on both the ground floor of the library, and the third floor of the Learning Center. The brewer is on the first floor. Yeah, we know it's a bit of walking - maybe the exercise will help boost your energy?

Second floor computer lab needs monitoring and reference assistance available

We've shared your thoughts with UMKC IS staff who supervise this lab. They are working on addressing it and will be reminding their student assistants to direct students to library staff for questions about the library's resources. You can also obtain library help and reference assistance through our chat and email services, available at the bottom of all of the library's web pages.


Create jobs for students by opening the library 24/7

This is a great idea! As we look at expanding our hours, we are definitely also looking at expanding our staffing, and we'll be sure to increase opportunities for students to work in the library wherever it makes sense.

Have Joey Roo at the library during finals for photo ops

That's a fun idea, and we'll forward your suggestion to the Office of Student Involvement. They are the folks who plan campus activities for Finals Week. Thanks for the suggestion!

Color printing card scanner is inconvenient

I can definitely see how this would be frustrating. We have the swipe/release system in place because the high cost of color prints could wipe out your quota very quickly with just one mistake. However, we would like to see if there is an option for typing in your ID if possible, and will be working with campus IS (who manages printing on campus) on this. Hopefully we'll be able to make the changes you suggest!

Monitor slides need to be larger and be less crowded.

Thank you for your feedback. We've been working on making a number of changes that reflect your ideas, as well as some of our own. Let us know if you like the changes, or if you have further suggestions.

Regarding your suggestion of a larger monitor - at present the cost to increase the size is prohibitive and we feel that there are more , but we will make that a consideration as we continue to improve and upgrade the technology in the library. We appreciate your comments!