Information Literacy Instruction

To request information literacy instruction, contact your Subject Librarian or use the Information Literacy Instruction Request Form.

A successful information literacy instruction session depends upon several factors, including:

  • Sufficient time (at least two weeks) to schedule and prepare for the session
  • A course-related assignment that requires library research
  • A collaborative, communicative partnership between librarians and classroom faculty
  • The attendance of all students, as well as the faculty member, at the session

UMKC Libraries not only provide access to numerous information resources, we also offer instruction in developing the skills needed to locate, analyze, and evaluate that information. Through course-related instruction, librarians foster the life-long learning skills in students that will empower them to be critical thinkers, confident decision-makers, and informed citizens.

In addition to explaining the purpose and use of various resources, both online and print, librarians teach students to formulate a research strategy, recognize authoritative resources, and cite information properly. If the research assignment or learning need requires extensive instruction, you may schedule two or more library instruction sessions for your class.

Our classroom at Miller Nichols Library can accommodate classes with a maximum of 30 students. For larger classes, a librarian can come to your classroom.

In addition to face-to-face instruction, we can support your online or blended class through a variety of methods, depending on the nature of your class and information literacy instruction needs:

Research Guides A research guide designed specifically for your course with links to the resources your students will need for their research.
Tutorials Brief online tutorials can demonstrate the use of library tools, steps in the research process, or research skills and concepts. Your librarian can create tutorials for your class.
Instruction Video Your librarian can create a customized video teaching information literacy to your students.
Research Discussion Board Use your Blackboard discussion board as an open forum for students to discuss their research process with your librarian contributing suggestion and research help.
Research Coaching Your students can make individual or group appointments with a librarian to help them develop a search strategy, choose the best databases, locate both popular and scholarly or peer-reviewed sources, and give them search tips.


For questions at Miller Nichols Library, contact Cindy Thompson at (816) 235-1511.  For questions at the Health Sciences Library contact Library Instruction Librarian Sue Sykes Berry at (816) 235-1874.

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