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General Information

Where are the UMKC Libraries?

UMKC hosts four libraries. Miller Nichols Library is the general library on the Volker campus, and there are two locations on the Health Sciences campus: the Health Sciences Library and the Dental Library. The Leon E. Bloch Law Library is maintained by the UMKC School of Law and is located in the Law School building. The Libraries provide information and research services, library instruction, checkout of library materials, reserve services, and access to online resources. The nearby Linda Hall Library is a private research library featuring science, engineering, and technology.

Follow the links below for directions.

Miller Nichols Library
800 E. 51st Street
(816) 235-1526
Health Sciences Library
2411 Holmes
(816) 235-1880
Dental Library
650 E. 25th Street
(816) 235-2030
Leon E. Bloch Law Library
52nd and Oak Streets
(816) 235-1650

When are the Libraries open?

Library hours vary during the year. The links below will take you to each Library's current semester schedule.

Miller Nichols Library   |   Health Sciences Library   |   Dental Library   |   Law Library




What do I need to check out items?

Your UMKC One Card is all you need to check out books, sound recordings, reserve readings, and other items. A state- or federally-issued photo ID (e.g. driver's license, passport, etc.) is also acceptable.

How long can I keep my items?

Loan periods vary by library and student status. For a detailed list, check out the Circulation Policies for each library.

Miller Nichols Library   |   Health Sciences Library   |   Dental Library   |   Law Library

How can I see what items I have checked out?

From the right-hand menu of the library catalog, click on My Library Account. From there, you can see what you have checked out or renew borrowed items.

How do I renew my checkouts?

You can use your library account to renew your books online. Just select My Library Account in the right-hand menu of the library catalog. You can also renew items by calling the Circulation Department at the appropriate library.

Miller Nichols Library
(816) 235-1526
Health Sciences Library
(816) 235-1880
Dental Library
(816) 235-2030

Are there fines for damaged, lost, or late items?

There are charges for items that are not returned, or are lost or damaged. Check the Circulation Policies for each library for details and charge amounts. If something happens to an item in your care, please let us know as soon as possible.

Miller Nichols Library   |   Health Sciences Library   |   Dental Library   |   Law Library

Where do I pay fines and charges?

Any charges can be paid in person at the Circulation Desk of each Library. The Miller Nichols Library does not accept payment in cash.



Finding Resources

What can I do with the Library's online catalog?

The Library's online catalog is accessible from a navigational button on each page of the Libraries' website. You can use the library catalog to:

  • find information on library holdings
  • check on the expected receipt date of periodical issues
  • view your personal checkout record
  • request books from another UM campus or MOBIUS library
  • view the reserve list for your courses
  • link to online resources.

TIP: To save retyping citations for your bibliography, just download the information, or email it to yourself. For more help, check out our Library Catalog Research Guide.

What databases and journals can I access?

Online resources include databases with bibliographic information, full-text and e-journal articles, datasets, and reference materials such as encyclopedias. The Libraries maintain a comprehensive list of our databases and online resources. For more information about online journals, try our online journal locator.

How can I access databases from off-campus?

Linking through the Libraries' website accesses most databases both on- and off-campus. For remote access, after selecting a database, you will be prompted to sign in with your Single-Sign-On or UMKC ID number followed by the letter k (example: 12345678k) and last name, as needed. A few databases are only available in the Libraries.

How can I look at other library catalogs and order items from them?

We provide online access to a number of library catalogs. Our own online catalog offers information from all of the University of Missouri System libraries. MOBIUS offers information from college and university libraries across Missouri, including many in Kansas City. As a UMKC student, you can borrow books directly from other MOBIUS libraries using your UMKC One Card. Additionally, our listing of area libraries offers links to numerous local libraries. Using our Courtesy Card Program, you can obtain privileges at many other area libraries, including Linda Hall and KU. For more information, check out the web page or call Miller Nichols Circulation at (816) 235-1526. Information on the holdings of other libraries worldwide may be found by using online resources such as WorldCat and the Center for Research Libraries (CRL) catalogs.

Where do I find reserve materials for my classes?

Reserve materials may be held at any of the UMKC Libraries as well as electronically on Blackboard. Your class reserve list can be accessed by professor name or course title and number. You can also view a hard-copy list of reserve materials at the Miller Nichols Library First Floor Service Desk.

How do I borrow something that our Libraries do not own?

If you need an item which is not available through the Library Catalog or MOBIUS, we will try to obtain it through interlibrary loan. Please fill out the Interlibrary Loan Request Form online. Requested items may be available in as little as three days or as long as three weeks. Every effort is made to ensure the shortest possible receipt time.

For additional information on interlibrary loan policies, please visit the Interlibrary Loan page for one of the University Libraries.

Miller Nichols Library
(816) 235-1526
Health Sciences Library
Jonice Rogers
(816) 235-1878
Dental Library
(816) 235-2030
Leon E. Bloch Law Library
Yelena Shmidova
(816) 235-2633

Can I suggest that the Libraries order an item?

Absolutely! Please note that there are specific guidelines about what we order, but you may certainly place a request online through our Library Purchase Form. Please remember to select your academic unit so the request can be forwarded to the appropriate librarian. If you would like to be notified about the result, fill in your name, email, and phone so we can contact you. For further information about our collection policies, please contact Steve Alleman, Head of Collections at (816) 235-1580.

What new books do we have, and where can I find them?

Check out our online new book shelf. It includes newly-cataloged videos and sound recordings in the Music/Media Library in the Miller Nichols Library, and new materials in the Health Sciences, and Dental Libraries.




Can I make copies at the Library?

The Library offers free public scanning at each library. You can email your scans or download them to a USB drive. We also have black and white printing (at 5¢ per) and color printing (at 25¢ per) via wifi at each library. Check out our Printing and Scanning Research Guide for more help.

What can I find on the Libraries' website?

The Libraries' home page includes

Is there a computer lab at the Library?

Information Services operates a student computer lab on the third floor of the Miller Nichols Library. There is full access to the internet, as well as software applications for use with email and word processing. Information Services maintains a complete list of student computer labs on campus.

How do I activate my Exchange/Single-Sign-On account?

Your UMKC Single-Sign-On is used to access library resources such as databases. It can be activated at any Information Services computer lab, including the one on the third floor of the Miller Nichols Library. The Student Assistants in the Lab can assist you.

Do the Libraries have adaptive technology workstations?

Two Adaptive Workstations for patrons with disabilities are located in the Miller Nichols Library Information Commons. They may be used for gaining access to the Library Catalog, online periodical indexes, and web information sources, as well as for scanning printed material, embossing braille, and using productivity software. For more information, contact Scott Curtis, Research Librarian, at (816) 235-1508.



Research Assistance

How can I ask a reference question?

The Service Desks at each library are staffed by individuals who can help you. If you need a reference librarian, they can help connect you with one. You can also ask questions via our library chat and email service which is available on every library webpage. Just click the little green box at the bottom right corner and a box will pop up. If someone is available to chat with you, you can just type your question to start.

How do I ask a reference question after hours?

If the library is closed or no one is available to chat at that moment, click the "Email Us" button on the bottom right corner of your screen. You will be prompted to fill out an email form or the Libraries online Questions Form. A research librarian will reply the next business day or sooner. For immediate needs, you can call the appropriate Service Desk at each Library. See the Ask A Librarian page for phone numbers and addresses.

I need help using e-resources or finding information for my paper. Can I talk to a librarian?

Service Desk staff can assist you with general questions and help get you started. If you would like more time to discuss your  project with a research librarian, please call or email the appropriate subject liaison librarian for an appointment. To help you get started, you can look at the Libraries Research Guides for various subjects or databases.

How do I cite my resources in my paper?

A term paper should include an accurate bibliography of resources consulted. Standardized citation systems exist for general or specific subject fields, including the Chicago Manual of Style, Turabian's A Manual for Writers of Term Papers, Theses and Dissertations, the Modern Language Association Handbook for Writers of Research Papers and the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association. Printed copies of these and other style sheets or citation manuals are listed in the library catalog. All of the above are available in the Miller Nichols Library's "Ready Reference" section in the Information Commons. To cite online resources, consult the UMKC Writing Center guides for MLA and APA available online. Some web sources also offer hints on citing materials.

Where is the nearest Federal Depository Library?

The UMKC Libraries are a selective Federal Depository Library, one of two designated for the 5th U.S. Congressional District in Missouri. We have a substantial federal paper and microfiche collection as well as many State of Missouri publications. Many publications are now online and may be found using the MERLIN Library Catalog. The Leon E. Bloch Law Library is a selective depository for the State of Kansas. For assistance, please contact Scott Curtis at (816) 235-1508.

Is UMKC a member of any research consortia?

UMKC is a member of the Inter-University Consortium for Political and Social Research, an academic partnership between the Institute for Social Research at the University of Michigan and over 200 colleges and universities in the United States and abroad. The UMKC coordinator is Tom Burns at (816) 235-1875), who can assist you.

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